Event: Ax Paris Circus

AX Circus Event held by Ax Paris
Every now and then an event makes a mark on the blogging community.
Last week’s Ax Paris Circus event was one of these events.
I received my invite just before I went away on holiday to France.
Very clever marketing indeed – it meant I had about 2-3 weeks to get excited.
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but the buzz in the blogging community kept everyone talking.
I knew it was held at Covent Garden’s Circus so it would be featuring acts of a similar nature.
I’m not really a fan of circus-y acts so I wasn’t too excited but I have to say that it won me over.
The performances were energetic, and I loved the gorgeous lady who wowed us all with her fire eating.
It was the guy who managed to swing round on a hoop at about 100mph that impressed me the most though.
There was an open bar and the yummy cocktails seemed to be endless.
I only drank 1, but I appreciated the lovely hostesses who kept offering me more.
The canapés are also worth a mention as they were very different and extremely yummy.
I didn’t eat or drink much as I was still a little under the weather, but the quality was not lost on me.
Overall I had an amazing night, but the real highlight was meeting so many lovely bloggers!
It really brought every one together, and it was so nice being able to mingle & chat.
Thank you Etail & Ax Paris!