Introducing: The Lazy Ones

The Lazy Ones
I briefly mentioned my new favourite store The Lazy Ones in this post.
Their items are made and sourced in London, which is a pretty big deal in my opinion.
The flagship store on Brick Lane, has been opened since 2004 and is run by Nat & Diego (makers of the womenswear fashion label Des Moines). Brick Lane/Shoreditch is the an amazing place for a boutique to be located and TLO suits the area well. I love to browse the stores on Brick Lane and then stop by Fika (for some Fika) and rest my weary legs.
Why do I enjoy visiting The Lazy Ones? Because I always happen to find something new!
Not only that, but I always find a bunch of items to fall in love with, which is not an easy task.
The clothes and accessories you’ll find in TLO are unique, yet on-trend, and very eye catching.
I choose some of my personal favourites above, which you can find online and in-store.
Des Moines has attracted stars such as Beyonce, Alexa Chung and Kate Moss.
So if you fancy taking a peek in their gorgeous boutique, you can find them here.
Alternatively you can browse their online store here.