Review: Colour Restore for Redheads

Colour restore for redheads uses concentrated red pigment infusions to keep colour.
Most of you will know how difficult red hair is to maintain, so this is a great product to have.
I recently became a redhead again, and even though my colour has maintained well I wanted a pick up.
So I was very thankful to receive this and try it out, and let me just say, I was very pleased with the results.
Colour restore can be used as a wash-in shampoo type product to keep your colour fresh, or for something a bit more vivid, you can leave it in for up to 25 mins. I needed to refresh my hair colour so I choose to leave it in for 25 minutes, on my first use.
Before and after

+ 3 different ways to use
+ Vivid colour and great shine
+ Left my hair feeling conditioned
– Stains skin easily, but can be removed
This is such an amazing product for redheads who want to keep their colour.
It’s also a great money saver for those like me who have their hair dyed at a salon.
The only downside was that it did stain, but it was removed with water and another wash.
It was easy to use, and as only a tiny bit is needed the bottle can be used more than once.
It lasts for 12 months, so I plan to make the most of it and use it as often as needed.
For those who might be worried about using it often, it doesn’t contain any peroxide, harsh chemicals or ammonia.
There are also blonde, shine treatments, colour removers and strippers in the range.
You can view and purchase the whole range here.