Review: Mariaveronica @ ASOS marketplace

Skull, feather and spike necklace from Maria Veronica @ ASOS Marketplace*
Recently the lovely Maria Veronica of Diamond in Rouge contacted me and asked if she could send me something. 
What was that? Well she wanted to send me one of the skull & spike necklaces from her collection on ASOS Marketplace.
I was so happy because I’d been browsing her items when the store first opened, and fell in love with them!
Maria’s store currently features necklaces and bracelets.
The silver necklaces are lovely, especially the ones with turquoise accents.
The stars of the collection though have to be the spike skull feather necklaces, like the one above.
They come in 3 different colours; black, pink and blue. I personally love them all, but the black & gold suits my style best.
Unfortunately a few of the feathers fell off mine in transit, so it looks slightly different.
Everything in the collection is £10 or under – that’s an absolute bargain!
The skull necklaces, like the one I was sent, are right on trend!
So many brands are using skulls and spikes in their collections right now
I can’t wait to start coordinating mine with my winter sweaters and leather skirt.
I deliberately didn’t take a photo of me wearing this because I know you’re going to see it in tons of OOTD posts.
You can find Maria’s store on ASOS Marketplace, here.
Use code ‘bloomzy’ for 20% off all purchases until 25th December!