Regal Rose Darkly Decadent Collection

A selection of items from Regal Rose’s Darkly Decadent Collection

Regal Rose are back with a new hotly anticipated collection, and they haven’t let fans down.
The ‘Darkly Decadent‘ collection mainly draws inspiration from this season’s Baroque and Gothic trends.
That doesn’t mean the items lack any originality though – as always Regal Rose have managed to create beautifully crafted, unique pieces that would easily be the highlight of anyone’s jewellery box…or outfit!
I picked my favourite pieces in the above image, but it’s safe to say I’d happily buy most of the collection.
As a big fan of black & gold, as well as the Baroque trend, these are items I could work into one of my outfits.
If you fancy adding a little goth-glam to your party look this season, or just to your everyday outfits, look no further.

I was hoping to have this post up last Thursday, which was the release date of this collection.
Unfortunately things got in the way, but it’s here now and just as amazing as it would have been then.
I just hope you haven’t seen too many similar posts, because I’m sure that I’m not the only one in love with this.

Shop the new collection here.