Event: Aurum Jewellers byBiehl Launch

Last week I popped by Aurum Jewellers to take a look at the new byBiehl line.
Boasting a simple and stylish range of leather bracelets, necklaces earrings, rings and intricately design pods.
Much like a charm bracelet you choose the pods that appeal to your style/the moment and accessorise your necklace or bracelet. Matching earrings and rings make sure you can go all out with this gorgeous line.
The concept behind byBiehl is so simple, yet incredibly unique.
The idea of accessorising a leather bracelet with these pods really appeals to me.
I’m not a fan of ‘conventional’ charm bracelets but these suit my style perfectly, and logically they should fit anyone’s – it’s all about customising the item and making it yours. I instantly fell in love with the Buddha and Ying Yang pods, as well as the simple black & gold leather bracelet. They will definitely be on my Christmas Wishlist!
Aurum is a well known and loved independent jewellers in Norwich.
Selling contemporary designer jewellery, the items they carry are unique, classic and stylish.
With over 35 years experience, the family run jewellers is a firm favourite within Norwich Lanes.
You can buy the Danish brand in-store, which is exclusive to Aurum (in Norwich).
You can also buy it online here – use code: silvergenius for 5% of all online orders (until 21 Oct).