Event: The Magic Mirror

A few days ago I was invited to attend a special press preview at Chapelfield, Norwich.
The preview was for a new amazing technology that we may be seeing in stores near us all, very soon.
The ‘Magic Mirror‘ is a TV screen ‘mirror’ which uses augmented reality and movement sensors to allow customers to try out various outfits with a simple swipe of the hand. As you flick through the items of clothing, sizes can be altered as well as the position of the item on your body. 
The experience was of course slightly surreal as I’d never come across this before.
However after the lovely people explained to me how it worked I started to have a bit of fun.
The idea behind the Magic Mirror is wonderful. Imagine being able to try on all the latest items without even picking anything off the shelves, or taking your clothes off. To a lazy person like me, that is very appealing.
I also noticed that it changed my opinion about items I would never have chosen myself.
The people behind the Magic Mirror are hoping to bring this to more shopping centres across the country.
You may even be seeing it in your favourite store soon – so keep an eye out.

Would you use it?
You can try it out for yourself at Chapelfield Norwich between 27-30 Sept.