Review: Tanda Zap – Acne spot treatment device

HoMedics Tanda Zap is a new handheld blue light device to help fade or clear acne.
The great thing about Tanda Zap is that it is an on-the-spot treatment, which means you can do it at home, in work etc.
It easily fits into your bag, or on your dresser so you can grab it for a treatment whenever you fancy.
What does it do?
It uses blue light technology, along with sonic vibration and a gentle warming to open the pores, help destroy bacteria and reduce swelling/inflammation. It even claims to help clear or fade blemishes within 24 hours.
It can also help to prevent future breakouts.
For use on all skin types and tones.
How do you use it?
By pressing the big orange switch on the front, the blue light is activated.
Hold the Tanda Zap gently against the affected area and let it run its course – 2mins.
You can end the treatment before the time is up, or it will turn off after the 2mins has passed.
You can use it up to 3x a day on the one blemish, and on other blemishes.
It is battery powered and lasts for 1000 treatments.


My Personal Experience
I usually suffer from one or two breakouts during my period, but am generally spot free the rest of the time.
Luckily I had a nasty spot for this same reason, when the Tanda Zap arrived at my front door. These tend to last around a week and fade with my usual skin care routine but I decided to try out Tanda Zap instead. I used it as part of my normal skin care routine day & night, as well as once in the afternoon. After 24hrs I definitely noticed a difference – actually the spot was more inflammed, but I think this was due the treatment bringing out all the bacteria etc. After 48hrs I was really happy as the spot was noticeably smaller and less inflammed.
I’m impressed and will definitely continue to use it when a spot pops up!
Before use I would suggest you read the instructions as some medication such as antihistamines apparently don’t work well with it (can cause skin irritation and redness), however I take them occasionally and haven’t had a problem.
You can buy Tanda Zap in Boots stores, and online here.
For those who suffer with long-term acne problems, Tanda Clear+ is also available, here.