Summer skin goodies

A few days ago some goodies turned up in the post for me.
I was quite intrigued as they all seemed to be centred around ‘Summer Skin’.
Honestly, at first I was a little dubious when I laid eyes on the ‘tan tablets.
The whole idea and concept just seems a bit odd and weird to me, but after reading up on them and finding out how they work I felt a bit better about the whole idea. They basically contain all the key vitamins that you need to achieve a deeper tan. Just remember that if you do buy these, you do still need to protect your skin against the sun – so don’t forget the sun cream! I may be tempted to try them, however with my fair skin and lack of tan (I’ve never tanned), I don’t think they’ll be much use. However if you can tan then these may be for you!
Luckily I have a friend who does tan and she has offered to try them out and write a small review for me!

As for the Aloe Vera lip balm and wipes – so happy!
I’m a bit of a lip balm hoarder and this one contains SPF15, so I will be taking this on my holiday in a couple of weeks when I head off to the sunny South of France. It will be perfect for moisturising my lips and keeping them safe in the sun. 
I think the wipes will also be quite handy to carry in my bag for removing my make-up or just freshening up.
These would also be great for anyone planning to head of to the festivals this Summer.
If you’re interested in any of the items you can purchase them from Holland and Barrett (online here).