I have a bit of a fetish…

(White polka dot tights & Pink gradient tights: eBay)

As some of my more frequent readers may have noticed, I have a bit of a tight fetish.
More specifically, patterned tights. I have a whole ton of them, in various patterns and colours.
The majority of my patterned tights though are in black, so I wanted something a little different.
I decided to look on eBay as there are some amazing shops out there.
I finally settled on one that had a large selection of black, white and multicoloured tights.
I went for some white polka dot ones (£1.32 here) and a pink gradient pair (£1.90 here).
Both run a bit small, so if you’re over 5’3 (my height), once again I’m afraid these aren’t for you.
The fabric is a bit thin but they seem pretty durable so far but it’s always best to be gentle with tights anyway.
For the price, they’re pretty good quality. I’m especially happy with the white polka dot pair!
The gradient pair are nice, but not exactly what I’d wanted. No complaints here though.
Have you grabbed any bargains lately on eBay?