Review & Giveaway: Klorane

Klorane is a French brand that uses plant extracts in their products to create quality hair and skin products.
I was sent two versions of their dry shampoos to try out for myself, both retail at £7.50. The price may scare some people off with most dry shampoos being in the £3 range, however I have used other popular brands and have found them to dry out my hair. Klorane managed to give my hair volume and make it feel and look healthy, whilst I was using it.
This was the first Klorane dry shampoo I tried a few months ago, I’ve really road-tested these!
I was amazed at how much volume this added to my hair. I did notice that you need to rub it into your hair a bit more than the other, and when first applied it didn’t smell that appealing. There was no smell after I put it on though, like hairspray.
This was my favourite out of the two, for texture and smell – soft and subtle.
It was also less noticeable when first applied, and blended well when rubbed in.
The Oat Milk dry shampoo did give my hair some extra volume, but not as much as the nettle.
You can purchase Klorane products in John Lewis, or online here.
I have 3 Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo to giveaway to 3 lucky readers!
I am afraid this is UK ONLY – sorry! The giveaway ends 6th May.


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