OOTD: Back to Black

(Top; bought in Kyoto – eBay, Shorts; H&M, Tights; Alta, Shinjuku, Shoes; ASOS, Accessories; Topshop)

As the title says, I’m back to wearing black. I was doing so well! I guess it’s true when they say, old habits die hard.
At least I’m wearing red on my lips. By the way, the ‘kissing photo’ was actually due to the fiancé. He took my photos this time (rather than me and a tripod), and he told me to mess around a bit.
I’m so quirky and original!
The top I bought in my last few days in Japan before I moved back to England. It was from a small store in Kyoto, but a few months ago I found the exact same one from an English eBay seller – pretty cool. I included a link in the description under the photo. It’s just a pretty cool shirt in general actually.  The skull is made up of famous last words such as: “Shoot Coward! You are only going to kill a man” – Che Guevara

My favourite part of the top has to be the chains and holes across the back and shoulders though. I was going for a fun, rock-ish vibe and I think it suits that well. I think it would have looked better if I had been able to get the tights to actually sit straight – one of my peeves when it comes to hosiery.
Finally, do you like the haircut? Nothing new, but it needed a trim.