The Big Pink Box!

A few days ago I received a rather cryptic email, telling me to look out for a big pink box in the post.
This had me very intrigued, and when the fiancé came back today with a big parcel in hand, I hastily unwrapped it!
 What was inside?
Now recently I’ve become a bit of a health-nut; I watch what I eat, I take vitamins everyday and I try to use only natural hair/skin products. I’m working toward a healthier me for 2012!! So you can imagine my joy when I found these items inside. Even better was the fact that I’ve been considering buying half of these products myself!
Coconut Oil, Argan Oil and Manuka Honey products are making big waves in the beauty-sphere right now.
I’ve been contemplating using Argan and Coconut Oil a lot recently, but never really went for it.
Obviously I have no excuse not to now! Look out for reviews soon!
The package also came with a Holland and Barrett rewards card, which is such a coincidence as I signed up for one last week – I’m addicted to rewards cards! As I couldn’t use this one, I signed the fiancé up in my place! Sharing the love.

Check out my images of the products below
They may not look like the most exciting products, but I’m really looking forward to testing these!
If you love health/beauty supplements and natural products you’ll understand my joy.
Disclaimer: These items were sent to me by the lovely people at Pegasus PRHowever, I have not been paid for this post nor is this an advert for Holland & Barrett. I was genuinely happy with all these products and I choose to feature them as they are items I would happily have purchased myself.