Valentines Day Treats

This post and the above photos are to convince you that I can actually bake…did it work?
On Valentines Day I did the usual exchange of small gifts and a card with the fiancé. 
I say small because neither of us are really bothered by the ‘holiday’ – it’s nice, but I prefer to give him little gifts and show him I care all year round. I’m a serial gift-giver, seriously.

It also happened to fall on our ‘Tuesday Movie Night’ and since the crew usually consists of the guys and me, I decided to use my ‘Cherry & Green Tea Cake Mix’ to make little cupcakes for them all. I covered a few of them with regular icing, but the majority were treated to a special Matcha icing that I made with my green tea powder – I will never tire of finding different ways to cook with it.
There you have it. Nothing fancy, just simple and tasty.
And they were VERY tasty, if I do say so myself!