Review: Bobbi Brown Eye Cream

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream – £28

I had to do a review on this cream, as it has been such a life saver through the Winter months.
I originally tried it before Christmas and fell in love with it, which someone remembered because I ended up getting it as a Christmas present.  Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream is specifically for the area around the eyes, and helps keep away dry skin whilst keeping it smooth and refreshed.

+ Hydrates the eye area immediately; it was like my skin had changed overnight.
+ You only need a little bit for application, so it goes a long way.
+ Once dried, concealer goes on easily and smoothly.
+ I love the packaging, so simple and chic.
+ Keeps the area smooth and supple
+ Made with natural ingredients

– It only has a life of 6 months, once opened, and I worry I won’t get through it in that time, even using it every other day. However you can expect this of most eye creams, especially those with natural ingredients. Not really a con, but should be mentioned.

This is not a primer. Some people have said it’s good enough to be one, with others saying it actually is. I wouldn’t suggest buying this to use as one, however I have found applying concealer underneath the eye area is easier with it.
– Some reviewers have claimed it didn’t work for them, so I suggest going to a Bobbi Brown counter and asking for a sample. They’re always happy to help, from my experience.
– Some online reviews have claimed it helps dark circles under the eyes. Bobbi Brown do not claim this, and I haven’t noticed much change there either.

If you liked the look and sound of Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream then you can pick up your own here.