Review; Pop Beauty & Barry M

Pop Beauty; Twinkle: Electric Glimmer | Barry M; Red Glitter NP150

For Christmas I received some gorgeous nail polishes from the fiancé and family. They know just how obsessed I am with my collection, so thoughtfully they added a little something to it. I choose 2 of my favourites to review here. The reason I took videos as well as photos is because I found it hard to show the effect of the polish in just a simple photo – this being most true with the Pop Beauty polish.

The Pop Beauty polish featured in this first video has to be my favourite by far. I’ve not seen another polish like it. I can’t describe how much I love it! Pop Beauty offer some amazing shades and glitters in their nail collection. The bottles are attractive and come with 15ml/0.5floz, which is more than your usual bottle. It took a couple of coats for me to achieve my desired look, nothing more than a regular polish.Being a glitter polish it is prone to chipping more than a regular one. This did happen a couple of times on my thumbnails but was easily remedied by filling in the spaces, which surprisingly were not very noticeable afterwards. Even though Pop Beauty polishes cost a little more than your regular polish, you’re receiving some amazing, unique shades/glitters. I will definitely be buying more from their range – I’ve even made a wish list for my birthday.

Pop Beauty is available online and in selected stores.

Barry M offer a great selection of polishes and I own quite a few of them already. They’re cheaper than PB but then you receive a regular size 10ml bottle, and their shades are often copied by or from other brands. This means it won’t be as unique, but the quality and look is great so there’s no complaints here! This polish took about 3/4 coats to achieve an opaque, strong colour but I have found this with a lot of Barry M polishes.As mentioned before, glitter polishes are prone to chipping and the Barry M polish was no different. I did try to fill it in like the PB one, and it worked but was definitely more noticeable, which is probably due to the shade more than the quality of the product.

Barry M is available online and in most UK Boots & Superdrug stores.