☆Twin Code☆

I think a lot of you know already of my love for twin codes – why be jealous/mad that your friend has the same dress, skirt etc. Just have fun and work it!

You may also remember that Tori and I did a twin code back in 2010. Well we’re back with something new for 2011, this time with a Star Print theme!
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My Code
Star print dress & red belt

New favourite wedges!

Jade Earrings & Necklace

Accessories & Nails
Tori’s Code

ASOS Star-print dress

Floppy hat
Oxfords & Slouchy socks

I was so pleased with how similar our prints were.  Tori had mentioned it, but I never thought they would be so alike. This girl is so effortlessly beautiful and I always enjoy doing twin codes together. I love the simplicity & elegance that Tori created with her look – teach me your ways! 

Check out Tori’s post on our twin code, here.