Life in Japan; Sweets

I mentioned previously how I wanted to post not only about Gal, but Japan (mainly pictures), whilst I spend my year here. Therefore I thought I would start the series with something everyone loves…


Let’s start with my favourite thing about Japan….MATCHA!!
This is Matcha mini-parfait with mochi and red beans.
A traditional sweet that is still super yummy today 😀

Caramel and honey pancakes.
My boyfriend ate this and I was tempted to try some but it was gone in a second!
Must have been good ;D

Haha can you tell that Denny’s is good for desserts?!
This is their popular chocolate parfait mix.
My friend ate this but let me try a little, and it was pretty good.

Pumpkin, sweet potato and cream parfait.
I think they still have this on their Autumn menu.
I highly recommend it!
Mont Blanc cake is very popular in Japan.
I found it a little too sweet though D:

Sweet bean covered in kinako (thanks Sara Mari!)
My friends and I were given tasters as we walked around Kawagoe.
It was delicious~

A strawberry and cream donut, from Mr. Donut.
I don’t really like strawberry but this was from a friend so I tried it.
I think fans of strawberry would enjoy it XD

More Matcha!!
This is the best matcha chocolate I have tried so far.

Of course, everyone’s favourite Japanese beverage…
Fanta are now selling it in bottles from 7/11

Finally, a strange sounding beverage that caught my eye.
Milk Tea + Bitter Chocolate = Tea Mocha?!
Actually it was quite nice 😀
Can you tell that I enjoy sweet things with a bitter/savoury edge?!
Did you spot anything you would like to try, or anything that you wouldn’t??
Disclaimer: These images were collected over a few months, so don’t worry I am feeding myself properly haha
If you liked this post, please comment and let me know what you would like to see next time!!
…and on a related note, the lovely Sara Mari also did a post about ‘Japanese snacks that are good but bad for you‘ – it’s definitely worth a look 😀