Shokotan in 109…

All the following images are from MMTS clothing line.

Whilst browsing109 today I noticed something that I found quite interesting.

Popular Japanese Idol and blogger Shokotan (Shoko Nakagawa) has opened a pop-up store on 109’s B2F in collaboration with her clothing brand MMTS, which will be open from the 22 Oct 2010 – 31 Jan 2011 – from what I could figure out from the Japanese blog.
When I walked past there were some beautiful ‘congratulations’ bouquets placed outside (this is common for a new store), one of which caught my eye as it was from Tsubasa Masuwaka.
The clothing line itself is very cutesy and has a Valentines High vibe about it. Lots of pinks and pastels, which isn’t particularly my style but I saw maybe a few pieces I could easily work into my everyday look.
The online store says that the majority of the pieces are either sold out, or low in stock so it’s obviously popular right now.
By the way, if you’re not familiar with Shokotan, she is a Japanese idol who has grown popularity over the last few years with her blog, which she updates several times a day about her cats and the other loves in her life. She has even confessed herself to be an Otaku – as she cosplays often and enjoys writing and drawing Manga.

She is also known as a singer, actress and often makes appearances on Japanese TV.

I like the idea that an Otaku who loves Cosplay and Manga now has a pop-up store in 109. Even geeks have to look good too ;D
So please go check out her store if you are in Tokyo and get the time, whether you’re a fan or just curious.

Fianlly, does this surprise you at all?
What do you think of Shokotan opening a store in 109?
Source; 1, 2, and thanks to Kirin who noticed it in the first place.