Just a quick update….

That’s me on the far left. I’ve let myself go recently ;D
I am back, and in Tokyo – did you miss me?
My flights went rather well, in that I arrived fine. Although 9 hours in Dubai and then another 9 hours without the tv in the back of my screen working didn’t go so well.
I am also a little mad as the airport staff in either Dubai or Tokyo went through my luggage, which I discovered when I picked it up in Tokyo. They broke a zip on my holdall, messed all my stuff up, crumpled my usamimi (it’s still ok though) and either stole or lost my camera lead – which means I can’t upload any photos right now for the blog D:
Apart from that I have been having a good time. The apartment is really nice, and I’ve already made some lovely new friends with 2 German girls who I showed around Akihabara and Shinjuku yesterday. They wanted to go to Akiba to buy some hair straighteners so I offered to take them to Donki. As you can see in the photo above, we had a pretty good time…and no, we didn’t go into the ‘Adult Store’ XD
In terms of Gal, I was only on the train from Narita for 5 mins before a few got on.
One thing I noticed was that they weren’t drenched in lables, just simple, probably cheaper brand clothes but you could still tell they were Gal from their make-up and hair – which was straight, shock horror. One of them even had black hair – omg not following teh rulz of Gal – ok ok /sarcasm, but you get my point ;D
I also saw some adorable twin coordinates being done in Shinjuku and a lot of Gals already going for more Autumn-y looks. Do they not feel the 35 degree heat/humidity?! :O
I am pretty busy the beginning of this week, but I am planning on visiting 109 so I shall definitely post something a bit more interesting soon.