Gaijin Gyaru Series….

The Gaijin Gyaru Series is coming soon…as in TOMORROW!!

And since I will be posting the first interview tomorrow, here’s a quick lowdown on what will be included;

  1. I have picked 6 gals that I believe are representing the Western gal community right now – these range from America, Japan, UK and Europe.
  2. There will be one interview a week – every Friday (it’s early this week as I have a wedding to attend).
  3. Each gal has been asked 5 staple questions, and another 5 questions which are individual to that person.
  4. There will be hints, tips and advice from each of the gals.

So don’t forget to check back tomorrow when the first interviewee will be my favourite ‘Gaijin Gyaru’ (I’m bias ;D) – Miss Mitsu!!

Also coming soon:

  • April/June Gets!!
  • Sales post.