April gets….

I apologise for my recent absence. This month and the beginning of May are full of deadlines, exams and social events haha. But I am back and I thought I would update with a few of my recent purchases/coordinates…

Whilst I was back home for a few days I hit up the big H&M, and surprisingly I didn’t buy much. I checked out the Garden Collection Jenny has been blogging about, which was cute but they didn’t have anything that really caught my eye. So I only ended up buying two items;
Hair Braid – see it worn.
Ready-made Scarf Bow Headband.
I also bought a plain black dress (New Look’s ‘Skater Dress’) as I don’t actually have one without embellishments of some kind. And as everyone knows the LBD is a girls best friend ;D
It looks great by itself but I also tried pairing it with a belt, and of course the current trend topper, the denim shirt. For a casual everyday look for uni, I quite like the dress-shirt combo and it looks perfect for Spring with the scarf headband.
And then yesterday I went out with my girl Samispo0n and we got our nails did;
I was inspired by EGG’s Nemoyayo (whose new hair I am loving), and her red and white polka dot nails. I went for my own take on it, with crystal polka dots on one finger.
Samispo0n was going to go with these originally but opted for some Gilfy staff-chan inspired nails instead, that suit her look perfectly.
I was surprised to see that the salon actually did 3D designs as well, which is hard to find outside London…and even the ones in London are scarce, and nowhere near as good as those in Japan. Although Koneko has had a few nice sets done.
Finally, here is some simple hair and make-up that I did last night.
I was going to a leaving party and just wanted a cute casual look. I wish my make-up hadn’t looked so bland close-up though. I just used top eyeliner, glitter liner and white liner – to be honest I was running late and wanted to do it quickly haha.
I have also been trying out a different style with my hair, as it is naturally wavy and I usually straighten it like crazy. I’m not sure if it looks a little too messy, and it makes it look shorter when I leave the curls in D:
What do you think?