Love Nation, Momoeri Girl Shop & Visalia…

Love Nation
The popular ‘LOVE NATION…’ CD is back this month. Entitled ‘Love Nation…gift for the children’ it will be released on the 10th. This is the second time for Tsubasa to collaborate on the album, and this time round she wants to thank all of the subscribers to her blog, so she choose songs that were memorable to her.
You can find artists such as M-flo, Boa and Koda Kumi on the tracklist.
For fans living outside of Japan, you can order a copy here.
Momoeri Girl Shop
Momoeri has revealed her next business venture – The Momoeri Girl Shop.
All of the original items on the webstore feature Momoeri’s cartoon persona who is just as cute as Momoeri herself. You can buy accessories, stationary, interior items and much more…although the site is still new so there isn’t much up right now. But keep checking back because the prices are great, and everything is super cute…even the cigarette lighters, and I am a non-smoker haha.
You will be able to get your hands on some cute Momoeri Girl t-shirts from 109’s V.V.P.Visalia, as modelled by the adorable Staff-chan above. Both of the t-shirts are priced at a very decent 2,940円. You can buy them from the Visalia webstore.
V.V.P.Visalia are also collaborating with well-known model Megumi Ikeda (Ikemegu). Two special photo t-shirts are being released, both are priced at 3,990円. Buy both of the t-shirts and you will receive a present; a special Visalia eco bag.

Which t-shirts do you prefer?
Momoeri’s cutesy cartoon, or Ikemegu’s sexy photos?

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