How I Fight My Eczema – Eczema Remedies

I suffered from eczema a lot as a child. 
It would often cause me a lot of pain and discomfort, and I would usually bleed due to the severity of it. I remember my parents trying all sorts of remedies to get rid of it, but nothing really worked, until one day…it just disappeared. 
I had pretty much forgotten about it until September 2011, when I saw my eczema return, with a vengeance. I had returned from my holiday to Provence and suddenly my whole stomach, leg and breast area was covered in dry, sore, itchy spots. I visited the doctor and they confirmed it was eczema. I was given an emollient cream to help, but it didn’t work. I was then given a steroid cream that I could only use for 2 weeks. My eczema disappeared…then it came back a week or so later. The doctor didn’t know what to do and told me to relax (as it can be caused by stress) and continue using a moisturiser and the original cream. I would have a shower and then look down at my body and burst into tears. I felt embarrassed and grossed out by my own skin. My fiancé tried to console me time after time but it had worn me down. I’d had enough. None of the medications worked well enough to solve the problem so I decided to try out something a little more natural and sensitive. Surprisingly they worked a lot better and even got rid of most of my eczema.
My eczema remedies are:

Korres’s Fig Showergel (90.4% natural content) & Fig Body Butter (93.5% natural content).
These products have been my saviour and I 100% believe they are the reason for the eczema on my stomach, legs and breasts disappearing. I had heard from a friend that these were great at combatting eczema and even psoriasis! She wasn’t wrong because I now use these daily to help keep my skin hydrated and to combat my eczema. I first used these until I ran out, then my eczema came back and Anna bought me some more. Now it’s slowly going away again. 
I swear by these products.

You all know I am a big Avène fan and use it in my daily skincare routine. Well when my eczema started appearing on my face for the first time I didn’t know what to do. It actually coincided with my trip to Chamonix, so I figured that since I was in France I’d try out a cream by one of my favourite French skincare brands – since they recommend it for those with eczema. I used it for a week on my face, and by the end of my holiday my eczema had cleared up. This is free of parabens, fragrance and colouring agents – and they’ve used as few ingredients as possible, making it perfect for sensitive skin. 
This is now my daily moisturiser for face & neck.

Eczema can be a very uncomfortable, painful and sometimes embarrassing illness.
I don’t want anyone else to suffer so I’m hoping these remedies might help others also.
Let me know your own personal remedies in the comments!

Let’s Talk About…Boobs & Bras

I recently bought a couple of new bras after suspecting that my bra size had changed and thought it might be a good idea to chat a little bit about bras and finding the right size etc. on here. 
It turned out I was correct and after a fitting I left with two new very comfortable bras. I am just over the average end of the bra spectrum at a 34E and have had back trouble in the past because of poor fitting bras. These new ones felt so comfortable that it was almost odd. I soon realised I’d been wearing the wrong size for about half a year, which is worrying. It’s not that I didn’t care, in fact I’d been meaning to get fitted for a new bra for more than half of that time, it’s just that life and work took over. How silly is that? The majority of women wear a bra everyday, so it’s pretty important that we are wearing the right one. 

Now how about some horror stories to prove my point?
When I was 13 years old I actually had a member of a very well known, established high-street store tell me that wearing underwire bras can cause cancer. Yes that actually happened, and I was a very impressionable teenager at the time. I was so worried I tried to find non-underwire bras, and stopped wearing the ones that I had. Obviously I soon found out that this wasn’t true after I told my mum a few months later. Several years on and I finally went back to the same store to be fitted for a new bra. The woman looked at me, and without measuring me, told me I was a 32C. Up to this point I’d been wearing a 32E so I knew this wasn’t true. I tried to tell her this but she refused to believe me and told me to try on the C cup bras she had brought me. I was quite upset but tried them anyway, because “Hey, this is her job so she must be able to do it properly, right?” Wrong. The bras were painfully uncomfortable and I left the store very annoyed and with no new bra. 
I haven’t been back since.
My point here is that there are a lot of myths and silliness concerning bras and your size, so it’s important that you know what is best for you, and that you get the best fit. If I had let these people leave a long-term impression I would be wearing the completely wrong bra for me, and I’d also probably have long-term back problems. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when buying a bra such as the size, fit and style of the bra – not all styles will fit in your particular size or offer you the support you need. That’s why I think it’s important to be fitted, because you can discuss sizes and styles with the assistant. They’ll tell you which will fit you best and which ones to stay away from. Alternatively you can try finding out your bra size yourself at home. This method can be flawed, but is helpful for those who aren’t comfortable with doing it in a store.
I have since been to several other high-street stores that have offered great bra fittings, which I would highly recommend. These are House of Fraser, Ann Summers and Boux Avenue. All 3 stores offer something different but have impressed me with their services. I buy my regular t-shirt bras from Boux Avenue (sizes A-G) and at only £18 each, they are a bargain! I have a couple of lacey bras from House of Fraser, which are a little more expensive but offer great quality. Finally if I fancy something a bit sexier I go to Ann Summers, who have some gorgeous bras for larger busted women – something that is not always easy to find. 
So here’s to finding the perfect bra for you – good luck!

When Nail Art Becomes…Art

Nail art has only become popular in recent years and it’s still evolving. Still, you’re more likely to see polka dots, leopard print or hearts than Pablo Picasso. Nail technicians like Disco Nail & Britney Tokyo are blurring the lines between the two though. There’s one lady in particular who is the perfect example of this trend.

Susi Kenna is an art enthusiast who just so happens to also love nail art. Thankfully she also likes to share the mini works of art with others via Instagram. She has had nail artists adorn her fingers with various well known artists works, such as: Pablo Picasso, Yayoi Kusama, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bridget Riley and many more.

As someone with a false set of nails depicting Frida Kahlo, I love it! I’ve always been an art lover, and so it’s only natural I’d love nail art. At the end of the day it’s all about expressing yourself isn’t it?

Would you wear a mini piece of art on your nails?
Source; 1

5 Japanese Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

You may remember my previous ‘5 Fashion/Beauty Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following‘ post. Well I wanted to expand on that series and go back to the roots of this blog, and that means Japanese fashion. I’ve picked out 5 of my favourite Japanese fashion Instagram accounts where you can find amazing style inspiration.


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @akimoto_kozue Model
Why? Akimoto’s Instagram is a small look into the life of one of Japan’s current ‘it’ models.

She takes you around Japan (and the world; she recently walked the runway at Paris & London’s fashion weeks) with her as she documents her busy schedule through photos. That doesn’t mean it’s all dull and boring though. She posts fun, silly photos, and often takes photos with her close friends, some of whom are other models and designers, such as Kiko Mizuhara & Jeremy Scott. She’s a gorgeous gal with a taste for life!


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @gold_erika Model/Fashionista
Why? If you love fashion and sexy selfies, Erika is your lady.

Her Instagram is full of selfies, outfit posts, parties and behind-the-scenes looks at any of the current photo shoots she is taking part in. She’s quite the socialite. Erika has a very subtle sexy look, which is something I quite envy. Her make-up and fashion is always on point…and I can’t get enough of that short sharp bob.


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @mogatanpe Idol
Why? Purple is one of my favourite colours and it just so happens to be Mogami’s assigned colour.

That might seem a bit weird, but it’s actually because she is a part of the idol group – a pop group with 6 members (each assigned a colour) whose popularity has been rising as of late. Her Instagram is an insight into the life of a young, fun, fashionable woman. She isn’t like your usual Japanese idols, especially in her fashion sense. Her personal style is very cool and I love seeing her outfits.


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @natsuumikunsan Model
Why? Natsumi is a real cutie, that much is obvious.

Her Instagram features pastel hair, silly outfit shots and photo shoot snaps where she looks like she may actually be part angel. Heavily photoshopped images aside, Natsumi is a popular model in the gyaru industry and is often taking part in shoots and shows, which she always shares on her Instagram. I live out my hair and nail dreams through her photos.


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @si_oux DJ/Model/Photographer/Designer
Why? Yep, si oux has and does it all.

She’s the designer behind the well-known tights and leggings brand Vive Vagina, and she also just so happens to be a dj, model and photographer in her spare time. Her daily unconventional outfit photo shoots in the corner of her roof terrace are a staple on her Instagram. I have to say she is a lady after my own heart – look at that red hair! It’s what drew me in to begin with and it features a lot in her photos, whether it’s at her current DJ set or a promo image for a brand. Definitely one for fans of alternative fashion.

Do you have some favourite Instagram users?
Let me know in the comments!

Source: Please see the individual Instagram accounts listed above.

Challenge: 7 Days 7 Outfits Results

The results of my 7 Days 7 Outfits challenge

Remember how I challenged myself to wear 7 different outfits in 7 consecutive days? No? Well then head over to this post and check it out so you know what’s going on.
I have to say this challenge wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I did almost wear the same thing twice, but purely by accident, not on purpose. However I did remember when this happened and managed to correct my mistake. It really was fun re-discovering items of clothing that I had neglected, or forgotten about. The weather changed a lot last week too (during the challenge) so I had to mix up my styles. Have I gone back to wearing the same pieces of clothing again? Not yet, and I’m really hoping I can continue with this.
It’s been fun and I’d love to see more people taking part, if it suits them. Please feel free to leave a link to your blog/instagram if you do. I will be updating the list below as you send them in.
People who have taken part:
Don’t forget to use/follow the hashtag #7days7ootd

5 Fashion/Beauty Instagrams You Should Be Following

Instagram is my go-to place for fashion & beauty inspiration on the go.
The hashtag feature makes it quick and easy to find anything and everything.
Even so, I prefer to find specific users I love and know I can go to again and again.
Lately I’ve found some amazing users who have really inspired me with their photos.
So I wanted to share some of them with you in the hope that you might find some new users too.
Who? @keikolynn Blogger/Designer
Where? Brooklyn, USA
Why?  Keiko’s Instagram is full of colour and fun. Every photo has it’s own life. Not only is she a gorgeous lady who loves to share her outfit and beauty looks, but she also posts beautiful photos of what she’s up to and where she’s at. It might seem a little cheesy but when I look at her photos I really feel as if I’m there with her. Her simple yet sophisticated beauty looks inspire me the most!
Who? @itokyome Designer
Where? Tokyo, Japan
Why? itokyome is such a sharp contrast to my previous inspo with 99% of their photos being in black & white. Still I love the raw style and feel of their photos. Each photo is like a mini piece of art that they’ve actually spent time working on before they upload it. They prove that style can be simple and strong.
Who? @lawrawr Blogger/Model
Where? London/Hong Kong
Why? Lawrawr is such a sweety and is very genuine in her personal style, nothing seems forced. Her love for travelling and fashion shines through with photos that make you wish you were there too, hanging out with her over a bowl of ramen etc. Her in-depth ootd shots always call out to me.
Who? @yaptus
Where? Manila/Brussels
Why? I’ve been following Yaptus on her blog for a few years now and whereas her personal style has changed quite a bit, her love and enthusiasm for fashion hasn’t. You all know I’m a sucker for black clothing and I tip my hat to Yaptus because this lady can style like there’s no tomorrow. Fans of more urban/alternative looks will love her too. 
Who? @m_o_m_o_e Shop Staff/Model/Blogger
Where? Tokyo, Japan
Why? Momo works for the Harajuku based store Avantgarde, so you know her Instagram is bound to be full of cool and wacky photos – and she doesn’t let you down. It’s colourful and she always puts up snaps of whatever fun adventure she’s currently on. Her style is unique and screams with personality – I kinda wanna be her friend.
Do you have some favourite Instagram users?
Let me know in the comments!

Source: Please see the individual Instagram accounts listed above.

Where to Eat in London: Sketch

Sketch | European | All-day Menu | Mayfair | Website
– reservations available –
Sketch is arguably as tasty on the eyes, as it is the tummy.
As soon as you walk into the exquisite hallway, you know what to expect.
The decor is eclectic and rich – Sketch and it’s various rooms were designed by artists.
A restaurant that used to house the HQ of Christian Dior wouldn’t be expected of anything else though, no?
So what was the food like?
I didn’t think the food could be any better than the decor, I find that a restaurant usually excels in one or the other.
So as we were lead to our table in The Glade, I was certain that our afternoon lunch had climaxed already. Yet Sketch surprised me. We ordered their opulent (and largest) ‘Sketch Afternoon Tea’, to celebrate my friend’s graduation – nothing is more deserving of a luxurious lunch than 3 hard years at university. It comes per person, or there is a lighter version for two – we choose the ‘lighter’ version, as the menu seemed quite intimidating. Selections of beautiful cakes, scones, sandwiches and macarons fit for Marie Antoinette, layered the cake stand. Every bite was full of delicate, yet distinct flavour, leaving us wanting more. This is certainly no ordinary Afternoon Tea.
Eating at Sketch is an experience as much as it is a delight.
Taking into consideration the decadence and price, it certainly isn’t an everyday treat though.
However if you have the chance to go, snap it up, because bookings are taken months in advance.
Sketch lived up to it’s reputation – the food and surroundings were magnificent.
I’m already trying to figure out what to celebrate next, as an excuse to visit!