A Year of Legends & Epic Retreats | Wales Travel Guide

epic retreatsA Year of Legends & Epic Retreats | Wales Travel Guide

I just want to put this out there – this is not a sponsored post. It may seem like one, because it’s oddly specific, and a little promo-y. However being an honorary Welsh(wo)man, I’m pretty proud of the country that birthed my fiancé. So it’s only natural that I would want to share and promote the country in the travel section of my blog. Read: Emma had some leftover photos of Wales on her desktop. Joking…kinda. But seriously, I have written this post entirely off my own back, purely because of my love for Wales.

Yes, I love Wales so much that I wanted to share some pretty cool things going on in 2017, and I think you’re going to be surprised…

Epic Retreats

Architecture, design and Instagram geeks alike will love this. 2017 is going to see Wales host something pretty spectacular – Epic Retreats. Wales will play host to a legendary and exclusive pop-up boutique hotel experience for just 200 lucky people. Now this is a luxury experience, so it does come with a price tag. But if you’re looking for something that is one-of-a-kind and will take your breath away, this is it. My personal choice would be the Slate Cabin or Arthur’s Cave. The combination of stunning Welsh backdrops, and modern architecture has put this on my to-travel list.

Here’s hoping I get lucky!

Year of Legends

Wales is a country full of stories and legends. Dramatic scenery and good people. Adventure and relaxation. And I think the new Year of Legends campaign by the Welsh tourist board really packs a punch in delivering this message. I mean c’mon, how can you not fall in love after seeing this?

So how will I be experiencing the Year of Legends? Well I already have plans to climb Snowdon (Cat boots ready!), and then maybe head back to Pembrokeshire for a spa weekend. I mean, I’m going to need some rest and relaxation after battling Wales’s highest mountain, right? But really, I just love exploring Wales with my family, because I never know what we’ll discover. One thing I do know though, is that it will always be memorable.

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epic retreats epic retreats

epic retreats epic retreats epic retreats


I’ve got the travel bag…I mean bug! | 2017 Resolutions

travel bagMini Beauchamp travel bag by Knomo London *

Last year I made some travel resolutions, only they weren’t really resolutions. You see I’m not really into that. However I do like to set myself little goals and challenges throughout the year. Not only does it keep me motivated, but it gives me more of a purpose when I have something to work towards. In recent years, my main goal has been to travel as much as possible.

In 2016 I ticked off:

  1. Tokyo, Japan
  2. Osaka, Japan
  3. Kyoto, Japan
  4. Pembrokeshire, Wales
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark
  6. Naples, Italy
  7. Sorrento, Italy
  8. Barcelona, Spain
  9. Paris, France

It was pretty damn awesome, and I loved every minute of it.

I’ve got the travel bag…I mean bug!

Let’s get a little practical for a minute. Travelling, especially when you only have cabin baggage, is not easy. I’ve been trying to hone my suitcase packing skills in recent years. I wouldn’t say I’m a pro, but I don’t do too bad. Of course having a trusty travel bag that you can take on your holiday is super important too. I like backpacks because I can easily shove all of my stuff for the day inside (read: camera, snacks & phone).

However I’ve always gone towards large backpacks. These can be difficult when the airline you’re flying with only allows one cabin bag. So this year I’m swapping my big backpack, for something a bit lighter – the Mini Beauchamp by Knomo London. It has a ton of pockets, which means I can fit a whole bunch of stuff inside. It’s also small enough that no one is really going to make a fuss about you bringing it on the plane with your case. Not that I’m suggesting people ignore this rule, but a tiny backpack never did anyone any harm, right? And if you are caught out, you can always pop it inside your perfectly packed case.

2017 Travel Resolutions

So what’s in store for 2017? Well I already have plans to visit:

  • Cyprus
  • Slovenia
  • Aarhus
  • Copenhagen

and possibly:

  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Amsterdam
  • Prague

Phew, that’s a lot. Anyone would think I’ve got the travel bug.

Keep an eye out on my travel tag for more!

travel bag travel bag
travel bagtravel bagtravel bag

Find Your Epic in Pembrokeshire | Wales Travel Guide

wales travelFind Your Epic in Pembrokeshire | Wales Travel Guide

This year I took a long weekend away from London, and headed over to the beautiful rolling hills of Wales. Before my recent trip, it had been several years since I’d last been to Pembrokeshire. Even so, it had left a lasting impression on me, and it’s undoubtedly my favourite place in the land of the dragon.

Wales Travel Guide: Pembrokeshire

Fans of Cereal magazine will remember the feature they did on the Pembrokeshire coast back in Volume 2. It was a nice article – and it was great to see a feature in a respected publication – but part of me felt a little let down. It painted Pembrokeshire as a barren, grey location. More likely than not to fit the aesthetic of the magazine, but still. With some of the clearest waters you’ll see in the UK, and some of the cutest villages to match, there’s so much more to it.

Wales Travel Guide: Where to Stay/What to Do

  • Stay in St Brides Spa Hotel in Saundersfoot – The modern hotel has the most spectacular views, which you can enjoy from various angles. From eating breakfast on the balcony, to swimming in the infinity pool, or dining on the terrace. Views aside, the spa is a welcome way to up your relaxing holiday. I’d recommend the Voya Salty Fucus Luscious Body Scrub and Massage.
  • Eat at Beachside Barbecue – I never thought I’d find American barbecue in a Welsh seaside town, but life has it’s way of surprising you. And I was not disappointed! If you love authentic American BBQ – brisket, burnt ends and all – this is the place for you! I’ve been dreaming about their meat and sauces ever since…
  • Take a boat trip along Ramsey Island with Voyages of Discovery – I suffer from sever motion sickness, so you know that me recording a boat trip means it HAD to be amazing. The boat trips by VoD take you around Ramsey island, through caves, up close to wildlife – did you spot my seal photo? – and more. Not to mention that they are very affordable. Make sure you ask for Judd and Jon!

Feel free to leave your tips for others, and let me know your favourite things to do in Wales.
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Travel: Hay-on-Wye – The Town of Books

bloomzy-wales-travel-photo-diary-photography-hay-on-wye-town-of-books-4 bloomzy-wales-travel-photo-diary-photography-hay-on-wye-town-of-books-2 bloomzy-wales-travel-photo-diary-photography-hay-on-wye-town-of-books-9 bloomzy-wales-travel-photo-diary-photography-hay-on-wye-town-of-books-5 bloomzy-wales-travel-photo-diary-photography-hay-on-wye-town-of-books-3 bloomzy-wales-travel-photo-diary-photography-hay-on-wye-town-of-books-6 bloomzy-wales-travel-photo-diary-photography-hay-on-wye-town-of-books-7 bloomzy-wales-travel-photo-diary-photography-hay-on-wye-town-of-books-8 bloomzy-wales-travel-photo-diary-photography-hay-on-wye-town-of-books-1

Hay-on-Wye, Powys, Wales

Remember all the fairytales you read as a child? The ones of magical villages whose alleyways were lined with bookstores, and curiosity shops filled with trinkets and oddities. What if I told you all of that was real, and you could re-discover it as an adult? All you have to do is go to Wales. Yes, this town really does exist, and it’s called Hay-on-Wye – The Town of Books.

You would think that such a fantastical introduction would make for a pretty boring visit. That certainly wasn’t the case when I headed to this lively town last weekend. I found myself running away from everyone, eager to get lost in the small alleys. Ducking my head into antiques stores and galleries. Rummaging through dusty books and maps in a bookstore straight out of Harry Potter. It’s not everyday that you reclaim that special wonderment you felt as a child. That’s why my trip to Hay-on-Wye felt so wonderful. I actually can’t stop talking about it to people. I know that my photos and words can’t do it justice, so I can only hope that you will be inspired and visit the town for yourself. Your inner child will thank you.

You can find out more at Visit Wales.

Travel Diary: Countryside Escape

bloomzy-travel-diary-wales-countryside-country-escape-5 bloomzy-travel-diary-wales-countryside-country-escape-2 bloomzy-travel-diary-wales-countryside-country-escape-1 bloomzy-travel-diary-wales-countryside-country-escape-6 bloomzy-travel-diary-wales-countryside-country-escape-3 bloomzy-travel-diary-wales-countryside-country-escape-4

I love London, but sometimes travelling outside of the big smoke is just what the doctor ordered. This time we headed off into the Welsh countryside for a long weekend. I only discovered Wales about 5 years ago when I met my fiancé, yet it has quickly become a second (third?) home for me. The scenery is beautiful and the people are welcoming, what more could you ask for?

Whilst I’m in Wales I enjoy taking long walks in the hills, making friends with sheep as I go by. Sampling the amazing local food at home (and in restaurants) is always a must, as is having a good catch-up over a glass of wine. Unfortunately the rain may have got in the way a little this past weekend, but we still managed to fit in: a 15 mile bike ride, a trip to a manor house and a stroll around the local castle ruins. Relaxation success!