My Birthday Suit

(Top; Upson Downes by William Anzenvino, Skirt; new look, Shoes; Internacionale)

I think everybody has the right to be a star on their birthday.
Ok, ok, maybe I took it a little too literal, but this top was a present from my fiancé’s parents & sister! I love the cut of it, so simple yet unique. William Anzenvino’s latest line ‘Upson Downes’ is currently available at Urban Outfitters – sold out online, but some items are still available in-store.
The black chiffon, dip hem skirt is something I’ve been after for a while.
Well luckily I found this one the week before my birthday – perfect timing, and only £22.99!

Vin Rouge

(Topshop, Egoist, Urban Outfitters)

Lately I love layering shirts and jumpers, for practical & fashionable reasons.
I can’t say I was disappointed with the Catholic schoolgirl look that I ended up creating with this coordinate, however it certainly wasn’t my intention. Although now I think about it, nothing else could have come from these items. 
Love my pleated leather skirt right now, red wine (as a colour & beverage) and comfy, on-trend jumpers.