A Date with the Style Doctor

westfield-style-doctors-review-2Westfield Style Doctors Lounge

According to my parents I have been trying to dress myself since I could grasp the concept. It’s true, I’ve always been very opinionated and expressive when it comes to my personal style. Therefore you can imagine that I’ve never really been one to consider a personal stylist. Sure I’ve wished that somehow my clothes would magically be laid out for me every morning, but that’s about it. However recently my wardrobe philosophy (yes that’s a thing) has changed. Late last year I decided to start purchasing fewer pieces of higher quality – I was left with a wardrobe that I used only about 1/3 of. So when I was contacted by the Westfield Style Doctors about meeting with one of their personal stylists, part of me was curious to see if they could help me with my new outlook.

When I arrived for my appointment, I was greeted by Kellie – one of the newer members of the team. She automatically made me feel at ease as we chatted about my personal style, and what I would like to achieve from our meeting. We both agreed on adding some colour to my monochrome wardrobe. Kellie had already hunted down around 10 items that she had in mind for me. Her research was based on my style and body shape, something which I covered in the questionnaire I had to fill out before my session. As we walked around Westfield we chatted about style, food, our jobs…it felt like I was shopping with a friend! The time flew by, however we still managed to visit Topshop, Mango, Warehouse, COS and Oasis.

Now I don’t want to bore you with a run-down of everything I tried on. Instead I want to summarise my experience, and tell you what I came away with. As I tried on the items Kellie had chosen, she explained why each one would work for me; how to accentuate my body shape, and compliment my skin and hair tones. Now I’ve always believed that you should wear what you want, regardless of whether someone thinks it suits you. But the Style Doctors think this too! At the end of the day I realised that Kellie just wanted me to go away with an outfit I was happy in. It’s her job to offer the best advice she can, and honestly she was pretty spot on (apart from maybe one outfit that I felt was “too mature”). I went away with five items, and a better understanding of the shapes and colours that compliment me. I love that I now know how to emphasise my waist and make myself look taller. It doesn’t mean I won’t still buy something if it doesn’t do this. But it does mean that I feel more confident and comfortable in my choices.

The Westfield Style Doctors are a team of experienced personal stylists. They offer appointments to anyone through their booking system. Sessions start at just £50 and can be held at either Westfield Stratford City, or Westfield White City. Find booking details here.

westfield-style-doctors-review-1 westfield-style-doctors-review

Music to My Ears… Sudio Sweden Klang Earphones

sudio-sweden-klang-earphones-review-3Sudio Sweden Klang Earphones*

Once upon a time, somebody told me that they didn’t like music. I couldn’t believe it. How could someone not enjoy music? From as far back as I can recall, I remember music being a big part of my life. Whether that was singing along with my dad to 70s American rock, or dancing to the latest Backstreet Boys song with my friends. It’s amazing how music can unite people. However as I grew older music became more of a personal thing. I realised my tastes weren’t always going to match that of others, so more and more I found myself listening to it alone.

Fast forward to present day, and this actually works out for the best in my office. On one side of me I have a colleague who loves house/dance (probably the only music I genuinely don’t like), and the other side a lover of 60s-influenced rock (I can take it or leave it). Clearly these are people who don’t want to listen to my eclectic taste in music either. Therefore earphones have become a must for me. However the struggle to find decent earphones has been rather difficult. It would seem that in the world of music, style does not always equal substance. That was until Sudio came in to my life.

Sudio is a Swedish brand of earphones that focus simultaneously on design and sound. The earphones themselves come in several colours – I love the white and gold – with a matching leather pouch. The full-feature 3-buttons give you the ability to switch songs and change volume easily (as well as answering calls). Admittedly I had to get used to the in-ear style of earphones, but it’s growing on me. I’ve also realised that it means better sound quality, and less chance of my music bleeding out. This was made even better by the inclusion of several different sizes of earphone sleeves. Usually these are too big for my ears, however Sudio’s small ones fit perfectly. All of these add up to create a better listening experience…and I get to look good, whilst I bop along in my office chair to my latest K-pop playlist.

Like what you see? You can purchase the Sudio Klang Earphones at Sudio Earphones.
Use code: Bloomzy15 for 15% off your order!

sudio-sweden-klang-earphones-review-4 sudio-sweden-klang-earphones-review- sudio-sweden-klang-earphones-review-1 sudio-sweden-klang-earphones-review-2

OOTD: My Beyond Retro Dream Vintage Dress

ootd-beyond-retro-my-dream-vintage-dressDress: Beyond Retro* | Backpack: ASOS | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban*

My dream dress is fitting, yet comfortable. It makes me look taller than my actual 5’3. It accentuates my curves, but isn’t overtly sexy. It’s casual, but can be dressed up easily. Hmm I don’t want much, right? Well I’m beginning to think that my style demands are not actually that obscene. As it would appear that I have found my dream dress. Well, my dream vintage dress at least.

When the lovely Plum from Beyond Retro invited me to their Dalston store I was eager to return to my old neighbourhood. Not only for nostalgia sake, but because she had promised to help me find my perfect vintage dress. Now usually when I buy items from vintage stores I never end up wearing them. Why? Well because I like to treat vintage items like pieces of art. Some are so beautiful I just have to own them, if only to look at them. This time though I was determined to find a dress I would get wear out of. I knew that if anyone could do it, it would be Plum. I mean after all, she did find me my ideal Christmas jumper. After trying on around 20 dresses – I kid you not – I was giving up hope. Until I found it. The perfect LBD (little black dress). No, my dream vintage dress.

Fancy winning a vintage wardrobe full of YOUR dream dresses? Beyond Retro are giving one lucky winner £250 to spend in one of their London stores, and an overnight stay at The Hoxton Hotel (with a friend). Enter at Beyond Retro.

Thank you to V.A who took the photos of me.

ootd-beyond-retro-my-dream-vintage-dress-2 ootd-beyond-retro-my-dream-vintage-dress-4 ootd-beyond-retro-my-dream-vintage-dress-1 ootd-beyond-retro-my-dream-vintage-dress-3

OOTD: Cool Chic

T-shirt: Zara | Culottes: Warehouse* | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Sandals: Fit Flop*

As a Brit, I do love to complain about the weather. Summertime is no different. Each year, at the beginning of Summer I find myself staring sadly into my wardrobe. What do you wear when it feels like you’re going to melt as soon as your step outside? It can be quite the challenge trying to look good, and feel comfortable. So when I find a Summer staple, I stick with it.

You may remember my current fashion motto: quality over quantity. That means I’ve changed my buying habits. Now I buy one high quality item, instead of several cheaper items. This new motto has transformed my wardrobe, and the way I style outfits. Not surprisingly it has also made it easier for me to find my Summer staples this year. Like these culottes. These are ridiculously comfortable, and perfect for Summer. Apart from being comfortable, they’re easy to dress up or down (these are perfect for the weekend, work, or an evening dinner). My current favourite is pairing them with a breton stripe top. I feel as though I could easily fit in on the streets of Paris in this outfit. In fact, if I squint hard enough, the streets of London can look a little Parisian.

I styled this outfit as part of a project run by think money.

Thank you to V.A who took the photos of me.


OOTD: The Caped Crusader

ootd-topshop-cos-clarks-london-fashion-5Sleeveless Duster: Topshop | T-shirt: COS | Jeans: Topshop | Heels: Clarks*

It’s safe to say I’m not a heels kinda gal. My feet ache just thinking about them. To think I wore them religiously whilst living in Japan – I don’t know how I did it. Despite my dislike for wearing heels, I love how they look…and how they make my legs look. This leaves me in a very awkward position. That position is usually staring at beautiful heels online, but never adding them to my basket. However when I spotted these beauties on Shoetique I decided to finally go for it. After all, Clarks are well known for quality, comfortable shoes.

Naturally I chose a pair of black and white heels, and I think they look damn good. I’ve become a bit of a monochrome master, if I do say so myself. I’ve even managed to match my outfits to my location. Did you spot that? Ok so I didn’t really do it on purpose, but I did actually scout the location beforehand. I’d seen a few photos of the new Crossrail Place Bridge, and I wanted to join in too. So me and V.A headed there last weekend for a photography afternoon. The whole area is shiny and new, and surprisingly quiet. We were able to shoot pretty easily, and get THAT shot of the bridge. For something that looks like it’s made of corrugated iron, it’s eerily beautiful.

Thank you to V.A who took the photos of me.

ootd-topshop-cos-clarks-london-fashion-8 ootd-topshop-cos-clarks-london-fashion-2 ootd-topshop-cos-clarks-london-fashion-1 ootd-topshop-cos-clarks-london-fashion-4 ootd-topshop-cos-clarks-london-fashion-6 ootd-topshop-cos-clarks-london-fashion-3 ootd-topshop-cos-clarks-london-fashion-7


OOTD: Layers for Days

ootd-outfit-of-the-day-london-fashion-style-bloomzy-3 ootd-outfit-of-the-day-london-fashion-style-bloomzy-1 ootd-outfit-of-the-day-london-fashion-architecture-bloomzy-3 ootd-outfit-of-the-day-london-fashion-style-bloomzy-2Cardigan: COS | T-shirt: Repertoire Fashion* | Skirt: Pull & Bear | Purse: Wonderound

Fashion bloggers will know the utter joy felt when you discover the perfect location for your next ootd. Actually this was an unexpected find, as I hurriedly took some snaps before meeting friends for dinner. The grey and white outer was the cold backdrop I had been looking for. I wanted to emphasise the lines and layers in my outfit, and this air con unit (?) just happened to be the perfect place to do so.

But why the layers when the weather has been so warm? Well firstly, I know full and well not to trust British weather. One minute it’s boiling hot, the next it’s like being in a wind tunnel. I prefer to layer up, so I can always strip down if need be. Also, have you seen how pale I am!? Even though the weather is gorgeous I have to do my utmost to cover up. Not even factor 50 sunscreen can protect this pasty complexion. That doesn’t mean I don’t get to enjoy Summer though. It just means I have to be more inventive with my outfit choices. White is a must of course, and I like to pair it with black, especially in the evening. This outfit was perfect for a casual dinner date…and I even managed to avoid spilling food down my perfectly white top.


Photos of me by V.A (chopstickpanorama)

OOTD: Amongst The Palm Trees






Shirt: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: New Look* | Watch: New Look*

I’ve been so inspired by nature recently. The hidden patterns within leaves (shout-out to my boy Fibonacci). The varying shades of green, and the immense colours that I could never imagine recreating on a canvas. It’s amazing being able to find somewhere in the middle of a capital city where you can appreciate this. Despite what some may say, London is a pretty green city. Even in the middle of a concrete jungle like The Barbican, you can find a tropical oasis.

After V.A and I made a date to visit The Conservatory at The Barbican I knew I had to dress appropriately. I was thinking of cool fabrics (I don’t do humidity) and casually chic prints. During my weekly pilgrimage to Zara I spotted the perfect item – a striped blue and white cotton shirt. It was as if it had been made especially for this one occasion. It was so easy to pair with some plain denim jeans and tennis shoes. This is one shirt that I know I will keep coming back to this Summer.


Photos of me by V.A (chopstickpanorama)