24 Hours in Stockholm, Sweden | A Travel Guide

24 Hours in StockholmIt can be pretty tough visiting a new city, or country. You’re not sure where to eat, what to see, or even where to stay. Well I’m here to change all of that with my handy guides! They’re full of tips, tricks, and the best places to go. So stop worrying about how you’re going to make the most of your time in a new place; here are my recommendations for spending 24 hours in Stockholm, Sweden!

24 Hours in Stockholm

  • Stay at Hobo Hotel
    • The modern, design-centric hotel is placed directly in the centre of Stockholm, making it a great hub during your stay.
  • Breakfast pastries
    • You can hardly visit Sweden without sampling some of their famous pastries. Bröd & Salt bakery has stores across the capital, and offers some of the most delicious. My tip: try Mandelbulle – it’s like a cinnamon roll had a baby with an almond croissant.
  • Visit the museums
    • Most of the museums are conveniently located next to each other in Stockholm. Skansen is an open air museum which offers a glimpse at Swedish culture – including lots of cute animals – whilst the Moderna Museet includes the works of Dali, Matisse…and Beyonce?
  • Stroll through old town
    • Gamla Stan is Stockholm’s old town, and it’s full of picturesque buildings and streets.


24 Hours in Stockholm


  • Go local for lunch
    • You have to try the local delicacies whilst in Sweden. My recommendations are the bountiful seafood, and the open sandwiches, or both! There’s Drop Coffee Roasters, Green Rabbit and B.A.R to name a few.
  • Shop Scandinavian
    • The Swedes are known for being stylish, so why not shop at some of the best designers out there? Lifestyle stores such as Grandpa are aplenty, but for those who prefer their designers all in one place there’s NK Stockholm and Åhléns.
  • Splash out on dinner
    • Where better to sample Neo-Nordic cuisine than Stockholm? Kagges offers a reasonably priced tasting menu made with local, seasonal ingredients. The flavours are stunning, as is the presentation and care that goes into each dish.
  • Have a nightcap at Hobo
    • Hobo hotel have a cool bar with a DJ, which is frequented by Stockholm natives, as well as guests.

24 Hours in Stockholm

Hints & Tips for 24 Hours in Stockholm:

  • Don’t bring cash!
    • Stockholm is a cash-free society, so much so that you’ll find ‘card only’ signs in most restaurants and stores across the capital.
  • Reserve a table
    • Like most capitals, Stockholm has a thriving restaurant scene, so it’s best to try and make reservations before you arrive.

Well there you have it, my travel guide to 24 Hours in Stockholm!
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Stockholm on Film – Shooting with a Superheadz Toy Camera

Superheadz Toy CameraStockholm on Film: Shooting with a Superheadz Toy Camera

For years my DSLR was attached to my hip. I couldn’t be without it. It got to the point where I would shove it into the tiniest of bags, just so I could ‘get the photo’. Around a year ago that all changed. I became tired of carrying around such a heavy camera, not to mention the time it took to set up a shoot just for one Instagram photo. The thing is I wasn’t tired of taking photos, I was just tired of the relationship I had with photography. It seemed like my creative spark had gone, and my ‘work’ didn’t feel genuine anymore.

A few months ago I was invited to spend the day with VSCO, and it changed everything. I was reminded of my love for photography, the community, creating, shooting, even editing. The spark had been reignited and I knew exactly what to do with it. It was time for film to make a comeback.

Superheadz Toy Camera

After discussing this with Yasumi – someone I trust and often go to for photography advice – she suggested I try out a toy camera. So I quickly snapped up the Superheadz Tomodachi 35mm with wide angle lens, on her recommendation.

My mini-moon was the first holiday I’d been on where I traded in my DSLR for a film camera. I didn’t want to spend ages setting up photos. Instead I took my toy camera and decided I would take it out at random times. Whether it was to try out something new, or when I spotted something interesting. The results are what you see before you here.

I’m glad I swapped digital for film. It allowed me to enjoy the process of taking photos again, as well as the excitement of not knowing how the photo will turn out. And I don’t think this signals the end of my relationship with my DSLR at all, it’s just a new chapter.

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Superheadz Toy Camera Superheadz Toy Camera Superheadz Toy Camera Superheadz Toy Camera Superheadz Toy Camera Superheadz Toy Camera Superheadz Toy Camera Superheadz Toy Camera Superheadz Toy Camera Superheadz Toy Camera