Introducing: Harnett & Pope

I first took notice of Harnett & Pope when I came across them at a sample sale.
The pieces were delicate yet strong, with an amazing use of colour, tailoring and fabrics.
After lusting after several pieces, I knew that this was a brand I wanted to keep an eye on!
Luckily for me, Harnett & Pope is the latest addition to the streets of Brick Lane.
The brand was founded in 2011 by Christy Harnett and Katie Pope.
The dynamic duo believe in clothing that ‘stands the test of time’ so they use natural fibers and design and manufacture all of their pieces in the UK. “Harnett & Pope want their garments to be accessible, adaptable, effortless and most importantly wearable in terms of price, fit and quality for a wide audience.” The quality and design of their pieces clearly reflect this, and walking into their store is like walking into the Aladdin’s cave for fashionistas. Inspirations for the collections include: the Far East, Art Deco and Surrealism, with subtle ethereal and gothic undertones.
Is it any wonder why I fell for this brand?
You can find out more about the brand and view their collections here.
Or you can pay them a visit at 125 Brick Lane, London.
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Where to Eat in London: Fabrique Swedish Bakery

Fabrique | Swedish Bakery Cafe | Hoxton | Website
– reservations not available –

Who would have thought that one of the best Swedish bakeries in London would be located in the railway arches underneath of Hoxton station? The setting is contemporary, and might seem a little odd, but ultimately adds character to the store. It’s also pretty easy to find – just exit Hoxton station and turn right, within less than a minute you will be gazing at Fabrique’s big red doors, ready for some Fika.

The artisanal bakery is the first outside of Stockholm, making Londoners very lucky indeed. Offering Swedish coffee by Johan & Nyström, and a large selection of buns, flapjacks, brownies, rolls and more you won’t be left lonely for choice. There are only a few tables to sit at, but most customers are on the go, so there’s usually the odd table to hijack with a friend or two. My friend and I visited on a Sunday afternoon around 3pm and whereas there were a few people sat at tables, we found a seat out front and enjoyed a Cardamon Bun and an Earl Grey tea with ease. It might seem odd that I choose a Cardamon Bun rather than Fabrique’s famous Cinnamon Bun, but actually I’d tried the latter before and wanted to try something new instead. Whereas their Cinnamon Buns have earned rave reviews, and I did enjoy mine, I loved the Cardamon Bun even more. I also now go back weekly for their sourdough rye rolls – honestly the best sourdough I’ve ever had. The staff are lovely, very helpful and always up for a chat.

Fika is open Tuesday-Sunday until 6pm.
You can find out more on their website, here.


Where to Eat in London: Dishoom

Dishoom | Bombay Cuisine | All-day Menu | Shoreditch | Website
– reservations available –
If I told you there was a Bombay Cafe in East London, you’d probably think I was crazy.
Well I may be a little weird, but I’m definitely not crazy, because right in the heart of Shoreditch is Dishoom.
Drawing inspiration from the elegance of the old cafes in Bombay, Dishoom is as beautiful inside as the food is delicious.
We stopped for brunch on a Saturday morning, around 10:30am.
It wasn’t busy but there were a few couples and groups dotted about.
Breakfast is served until 11:30am on weekdays, and 1pm on weekends (possible hangover cure?).
The inside of the restaurant is spacious and gorgeously decorated in a rustic Bombay-inspired manner.
We were sat by a very chilled matradee and served by a friendly waitress, both whom matched the atmosphere.
I was enticed by the variety of food on the breakfast menu, especially when I saw the Indian inspiration.
I’d heard that the ‘Spicy Chai’ was amazing, so I ordered one for myself, whilst the fiance had the ‘Breakfast Lassi’.
He went for the ‘Full Bombay’ and I filled up on the ‘House Porridge’ & ‘Fire Toast – we were both impressed.
Whereas I was intimidated by the spicy scrambled egg, the fiancé said it was “the best [he’d] ever had.”
We both enjoy our food (probably more than the next person), so after we both said we’d be back I knew it was a hit! Next time I definitely plan to have the ‘Chocolate Spicy Chai’ and the ‘Sausage Naan Roll’ (an interesting sounding take on an English staple), or the ‘Bombay Omelette’ – if I’m feeling brave (I can’t handle spice). The prices were reasonable and the food amazing. I’ll be trying out the lunch (I may have already arranged a date with a friend) and the dinner menu soon.
Check out Dishoom’s website here.

Tatty Devine Sample Sale Haul

My haul from the Tatty Devine Sample Sale
When I first heard that Tatty Devine were holding a sample sale I knew I had to go.
I didn’t think I would be able to actually, but thankfully things worked out so I could.
So I joined the queue early on a Saturday morning, and I felt quite chilled.
That all changed when we stepped into the store.
If you know their Brick Lane store well, you will also know that it is tiny.
It works perfectly well for Tatty, but it’s not the first place you’d go to hold a sample sale.
So it was a battle of the superfans as ladies (and gentleman alike) scavenged through the boxes.
It was a bit like a treasure hunt in a way, as everyone battled to find the one piece they had been after.
Seriously though, even though I kid about it being chaotic everyone was very bubbly and excited.
I also met a very lovely lady who I wish I’d exchanged info with – all I know of her is ‘Bridezilla on Wheels’.
Don’t worry though, this isn’t going to turn into a ‘We on a blustery morning in Brick Lane…’ post.
So what was I after? Well to be honest with you I didn’t really know. I just wanted to take a peek.
That meant it was even more enticing when I started finding classic pieces I wanted (but couldn’t justify at full price) and old items that I’d missed out on the first time round. So I put up with the pushing and general craziness to search for more hidden gems. And boy, did I find some hidden gems! My Tatty Devine collection is ever expanding, with pieces that reflect my interests & personal style – that’s what I love about Tatty Devine as a brand. In a nutshell? I’ll be back!

Photo Diary: Boots, Bites & Business

What have I been up to lately?

Well my internship with Finchittida Finch is going great!
We’re getting down to the final hours of a very exciting, and big, order.
Of course I still had time to pamper myself and do my nails in some Spring pastel shades.
In the meantime my good friend Anna returned from Norway with treats!
She brought me back some speciality cheese, and a gorgeous neon glitzy necklace.
We made plans to grab some food and catch-up, so we went to a great Turkish restaurant in Islington.
I wore my new boots (spent with my birthday gift card from Sami), which are so cute and comfy.
I also joined Vine this week! You can follow me on: bloomzy
My new business cards for the blog arrived too, featuring my Tatty Devine name necklace.
Then finally this past weekend I popped down to Shoreditch to do a bit of shopping.
I bought a Uniqlo x Keith Haring t-shirt that called to me as soon as I stepped into the pop-up.
I also indulged in some okonomiyaki along Brick Lane – the place for street food!
You can follow me on Instagram to stalksee what I’m up to: bloomzy

My New Tatty Devine, Frida Kahlo Necklace!

The moment the new large Frida was added to the Tatty Devine classic collection, I knew it had to be mine. I was raving about it on Twitter for days, and was constantly bugging the lovely (and patient) Tatty Devine staff as to when it would be in their Brick Lane store – my local store. Finally, on Friday, they tweeted me with some very exciting news!
So on my usual Sunday stroll down Brick Lane, I knew where my first stop would be.
I had a lovely chat with Charlotte, who knew exactly why I was there, before I tried Frida on.
It was love at first sight! Everything about the necklace was just as I had hoped for.
I was a little afraid it would be too big for me (as I’m such a shorty), but it was perfectly sized.
The original smaller necklace was also on leather, but was thinner and only featured two adornments.
Whereas this new larger version is thicker and has plenty of gems, flowers and sparkles.
I am so in love with this necklace, Tatty Devine have outdone themselves…as usual!
I was a bit wary of the price tag, but this is completely worth it, as are all their statement pieces.
This isn’t just a piece of jewellery, this is an investment and the latest addition to my ever growing Tatty Devine collection.
You can purchase your own Frida here, or browse the new Classic Collection here.

Photo Diary: Street Art in Shoreditch, London

This post is image heavy, so I’ve popped the rest below

I’m very lucky living so close to Shoreditch, and I often spend my free time in the area.
Street Art is a big part of the ‘neighbourhood’ and new pieces pop up all the time.
Some people might call this graffiti, but to me it’s art.
I wanted to share some of my current favourites with you.
A lot of the pieces are colourful and fun, whilst others have a deeper meaning.
Art & Fashion are a big part of Shoreditch, so it only makes sense that artists come here to show off their work.
It’s brilliant that these artists can work with such large canvases and bring life to the old buildings.
Which piece is your favourite?