Shibuya 109 Press…

Just a quick update…
The new issue of the Shibuya 109 Press was released recently and I thought it brought up some interesting points with the staff-chans and upcoming Autumn trends.
Staff-chan questions
MA*RS Staff-chan
In the recent issue of the Shibuya 109 Press, a selection of 109 staff-chans were asked some interesting questions about nails, hair, eyelashes and their work life.
Do you paint your own nails?
Surprisingly 85% of the staff-chans said yes they do.
This is probably due to the current vivid and nude trend which has made fashionable yet easy nails more accessible this season. NAIL CRAFT in 109 are even offering simple nail courses for around £19 ($31), where you can learn tricks to achieving gal nails. I’ve not been to NAIL CRAFT but they have reasonable prices and their work looks good, if a little less eccentric than most nail salons.
Some simple but cute nails by NAIL CRAFT
Do you use fake eyelashes?
Not so surprisingly 95% of the staff-chan said yes, they do.
I am a recent convert to eyelashes, and now I can’t get enough. They really are a Gal essential…so unless you have the most amazingly long and luscious lashes, please invest in some.
Brands currently favoured by 109 staff-chan include: MAC, CANMAKE, RMK, Dolly Wink and SBY – Yesstyle and Ichibankao carry some of the mentioned brands.
Dolly Wink; Dolly Sweet lashes
What is your current hair style?
Out of the 20 staff-chan interviewed the results looked like this:
  • Long hair – 10 staff-chan; milk tea colour, curls, super long, two tone, thick hair with extensions and wigs are popular with this length.
  • Medium – 4 staff-chan; Some Gals find this style easy to maintain – and I agree XD
  • Bob cut – 4 staff-chan; bleached hair and wearing heavy wigs are big right now.
  • Short & Very Short – 2 staff-chans; It can be done, just look at Emina. Gals with short hair are favouring blonde colouring right now.
Emina workin’ the short-do
What is your next ideal hairstyle?
Once again some varied answers, but I love this because it shows that not every Gal MUST have long, blonde, curly hair.
  • Longthick fringes and side partings with a fringe are on the rise.
  • Medium layers, and lots of them – let’s see some volume.
  • Bob cut light and bouncy.
  • Very short Red, with a side parting and a fringe.
I really loved some of the answers the staff-chan gave to working in 109 – ‘I wanted to be able to stand in front of others…’ – and the things that made them happy – ‘when you see a customer really happy after buying clothes that suited them’.
I hope that the 109 press continues to do items like these for their English readers as well as Japanese. It’s always great to see what the people behind the brands wear, and what they think will be trending soon.
Autumn Trends
I was going to write a little something about Autumn trends, but I think Mitsu has done such an amazing job with it that I wouldn’t be able to compare ;D
Once I get to Tokyo and visit 109 again I’ll probably make a post about Autumn trends and my likes/dislikes. But for now enjoy these latest posts by the gorgeous Mitsu:
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Quick update – Cocolulu….

COCOLULU Image Group

“Four members of the NICE GIRL! project are forming a new unit called COCOCREW.

The members consist of Ogawa Mana, Robin, Eri~na and Tokki.
They will be used as a image group for the clothing store ‘COCOLULU’.”

A special event will be held in-store on 8th May (3pm~) where you can meet the ‘COCOCREW’ and watch them perform a special live show. There will also be Ranzuki models in attendance and Cocolulu’s new productions will be in-store as promoted by the Cocolulu Campaign Girls.
The song;
What do you think of a unit/an image group for stores?
Maybe more will follow in CO&LU’s footsteps?!
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Shibuya 109 news….

You guys asked for Shibuya 109 news, so here are some updates.

Glad News
After synchronising with Men’s Glad News the popular Mickey Mouse collaboration items from January will now be up for another 3 months. You can get your hands on t-shirts, bags, innerwear and more.
There is also a sale scheduled for mid-February.
The new Spring/Summer ’10 catalogue hit stores on February the 1st (check out some of the pieces in my post below, or on Mitsu’s catalogue post). The new collection is gorgeous and it looks like it will be a big hit, so order your items online asap, before they’re gone.
After undergoing a renewal, the new look Vanquish opened again on February 11th. In celebration of the renovations, there will be character collaboration t-shirts available.
Rodeo Crowns
February 19th sees a limited time set go on sale, nationwide. This includes a jacket and jeans, each available in 3 colours and will cost 15,750円
The store are showing off some new items for Spring. Riders Jacket 10,290円, Onepiece 6,195円, Leggings 3,675円 and studded booties 13,340円.
The shoe store has new Spring stock arriving soon – Suede pumps are popular, and boots are everywhere, in a whole lot of varieties.
I hope that was of some help to you all. I will try and update properly tomorrow…
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Birthday presents…

As the picture and the title of this post would suggest, I thought I would bore you all and show you what I received for my Birthday…more specifically, from my boyfriend.
My birthday actually also happens to fall on the same day as our anniversary – and last Friday also happened to be our 1 year anniversary, haha. Therefore I was treated extra special.
I was taken out on Saturday, and told to pick out something for our anniversary. He had mentioned rings, because he knew I had wanted another one. I am a swarovski addict, from the crystals to the jewellery – I can’t get enough!! So I ended up picking out this gorgeous little number to the left. It has a row of larger crystals on top and 2 rows of smaller crystals along the side. It also has hearts engraved on the inside – the perfect ring ;D
As for my birthday presents, well I was very lucky and he bought me those early, whilst we were in Tokyo.
I picked this dress out from the little known store ‘Anthony’s’ hidden away on Shibuya 109’s B2. It is grey and black striped, with stud detailing and is made from a Cashmere-esque material.
I personally love this store, albeit tiny and slightly cramped. They offer a variety of t-shirt’s, dresses etc. and brand goods, such as Chanel and Gucci. Although they are probably best known for their selection of Pet wear & goods.
The store clerk was lovely and kept complimenting my Japanese. She was also really interested to find out where I was from, and laughed when I dragged my boyfriend in to pay for the dress. She seemed to understand what was going on ;D lol
The other item I picked out in Tokyo, were these gorgeous boots. I had seen Gal’s dotted around Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku sporting these during our stay. To start with I wasn’t really that interested in them, because the majority seemed a little too ‘girly-girl’ for me. But then I saw a girl wearing these with a Gilfy ensemble, and the rest is history. A lot of the cheaper stores had versions for around 3,000円 but they weren’t great quality and didn’t have the laces. I ended up in Harajuku’s, La Foret (I missed you Sami, my shopping companion!! haha), and found the above pair in 「エフエー コレクション」 a cute shoe store on the 5F.
They offer a variety of shoes, and accessories. The store clerks were fashionable and very knowledgeable. I have had problems with Japanese shoes in the past, even though I’m only a tiny UK4, therefore I voiced my concerns to the store clerk but she was very helpful. And all for a reasonable 6,000円.
I won’t be updating this weekend, as I am visiting my family back home – late Birthday presents yay~!! But I promise my next update will be a lot more Gal specific, and a lot less about myself haha.

What were they thinking?

「What were they thinking?」

I don’t like to hate, but sometimes something in Gal comes along and makes me wonder – WHY?! Of course this happens in every fashion circle, but this blog is dedicated to Gal…so we’ll just stick with that for now ;D

This time round the culprit is ‘MITSUMARU’S HEAVEN and EARTH’, which can be found on 109’s 1st floor. A mixture of sexy and feminine, it boasts top sales. So why then did I find this on EGG’s outlet store:

Yes, that is an upside down skirt. Ok, so it isn’t particularly hideous but really…is that the best they could come up with? It’s no wonder I found it on an outlet store – which can have some great items, but also the kind of stock that makes you think it’s only there because it won’t sell instore or on the official site.

Luckily I haven’t seen this anywhere else, so it’s unlikely it’s a new trend. Here’s hoping it’s just last season’s remnants.

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