Wish List: Best of British

Best of British


Best of British by bloomzy Ok so I may not be a Royalist, and I won’t be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee…
However I am proud to be British, and I do like limited edition, special occasion items.
I’ve been gazing through windows at the decorations in stores, and the items they’re offering.
So I thought since it’s the Jubilee weekend, I would do an extra special wishlist!

With all the current hype around the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, tons of brands have been bringing out limited edition items to celebrate the occasion. This means lots of British brands are showing how proud they are, although that hasn’t stopped a lot of non-British brands also having some fun. Hey, it’s a party & everyone is invited!

The items I choose for this wishlist are items I would happily buy/wear any time of the year!
I love the selection of items, from Union Flag cupcake decorations to red, white & blue nail polish.
Although the Markus Lupfer’ Crown Sweater, the ‘Not for Ponies’ Corgi T-shirt & the ‘Nails Inc’ Jubilee Crystal Colour Polish have to be my favourites…Oh who am I kidding? I want everything!! 

Wishlist: Beauty Edition

Beauty Wishlist

I don’t often do beauty item wishlists, probably because I just tend to buy the item I want.
Lately though there have been quite a few items I want to grab so I thought I would make one.
I guess this is also kind of a reminder for me, as I always forget what I’ve gone out to buy/look for.
What’s on my wishlist? 
I didn’t think my list would come to much £, but after writing it all up well…
The sleep balm, lip plumping gloss (had before & loved it), stylefile, Essie polish and the perfume (running out) are all musts. The other items I guess are just ‘wants’, not that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m still a bit dubious about the Maybellie ‘Popsticks’ though. I’m not a fan of the idea and the texture of the lipstick, but when I swatched the pigment was lovely. However I’ve seen some not so nice reviews on these so we’ll see.
I’m gonna hunt some of these down whilst I’m in London!