OOTD: Ready for Business

Blazer: H&M | Top: Topshop | Jeans: Primark

Today I wasn’t dressing for anything particular, just lectures and not much else. I love this blazer from H&M, mainly because of the shape but a tiny part of me also likes to think that I look kinda smart in it…at least I feel ready for business when I wear it.

Shouldn’t everyone own an item that gives them that drive?

OOTD: Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright

Shawl: H&M | T-Shirt: WC | Skirt: Miss Selfridge

It always feels a bit of a chore to pick an outfit for Monday lectures. So lately I have been trying to tackle that feeling, because when I’m dressed in an outfit that makes me happy, the day goes by a lot better and a lot quicker…even when I have to sit through a class on Nazi Germany.
The Tiger t-shirt is one of my favourites; I picked it up in Japan, last Summer. To me it adds a little bit of edge to an otherwise regular outfit…or maybe I just really like tops with animals on. I don’t own many t-shirts, so when I do buy one you know it’s because I really love the design, cut etc.

Really shocked at how dark the top layer of my hair looked today.
It must be the lighting in the room as nothing has changed.

OOTD: Leeds Trip

 Top: H&M | Sweater: Topshop | Skirt: Primark | Shoes: ZARA
Ok, it’s not really an ootd if it’s from a week ago I know, but it was the outfit of the day…Excuse, excuses.
It was freezing in Leeds that weekend, so I layered up with my peter pan collar top under a comfy sweater…I’m going to be so sad when it actually warms up and I have to stop wearing sweaters. I guess I’m also trying to get plenty of use out of this faux-leather pleated skirt, as I adore it so much. Someone needs to help me break my habits, clearly.
I’m impressed that I managed to steal an outfit shot before the battery ran out on the camera.
Priorities, right?!

OOTD: 90s Throwback

Crop Jumper: Off-brand from Tokyo | Velvet Dress: Topshop | Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Everything about this outfit screams 90’s throwback to me. Maybe it’s because at the time I was growing up in velvet dresses and skirts and my fascination with Ancient Egypt (that’s an Ankh on the necklace) was at its height. That aside, the red lipstick and cropped jumper also feel kinda 1990ish to me. Even though I grew up as a 90s kid I don’t often feel much of an affinity with the era, but wearing this did make me slightly nostalgic.

Making good use of the Macbook Pro and crazy positions – anything to get a photo of my outfit when no one is around to help. Please excuse my messy room.