Photo Diary: Boots, Bites & Business

What have I been up to lately?

Well my internship with Finchittida Finch is going great!
We’re getting down to the final hours of a very exciting, and big, order.
Of course I still had time to pamper myself and do my nails in some Spring pastel shades.
In the meantime my good friend Anna returned from Norway with treats!
She brought me back some speciality cheese, and a gorgeous neon glitzy necklace.
We made plans to grab some food and catch-up, so we went to a great Turkish restaurant in Islington.
I wore my new boots (spent with my birthday gift card from Sami), which are so cute and comfy.
I also joined Vine this week! You can follow me on: bloomzy
My new business cards for the blog arrived too, featuring my Tatty Devine name necklace.
Then finally this past weekend I popped down to Shoreditch to do a bit of shopping.
I bought a Uniqlo x Keith Haring t-shirt that called to me as soon as I stepped into the pop-up.
I also indulged in some okonomiyaki along Brick Lane – the place for street food!
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My New Tatty Devine, Frida Kahlo Necklace!

The moment the new large Frida was added to the Tatty Devine classic collection, I knew it had to be mine. I was raving about it on Twitter for days, and was constantly bugging the lovely (and patient) Tatty Devine staff as to when it would be in their Brick Lane store – my local store. Finally, on Friday, they tweeted me with some very exciting news!
So on my usual Sunday stroll down Brick Lane, I knew where my first stop would be.
I had a lovely chat with Charlotte, who knew exactly why I was there, before I tried Frida on.
It was love at first sight! Everything about the necklace was just as I had hoped for.
I was a little afraid it would be too big for me (as I’m such a shorty), but it was perfectly sized.
The original smaller necklace was also on leather, but was thinner and only featured two adornments.
Whereas this new larger version is thicker and has plenty of gems, flowers and sparkles.
I am so in love with this necklace, Tatty Devine have outdone themselves…as usual!
I was a bit wary of the price tag, but this is completely worth it, as are all their statement pieces.
This isn’t just a piece of jewellery, this is an investment and the latest addition to my ever growing Tatty Devine collection.
You can purchase your own Frida here, or browse the new Classic Collection here.

Photo Diary: Tatty Devine Brick Lane Tour

Tatty Devine’s Brick Lane Store, London

A few weeks ago I visited the Tatty Devine store on Brick Lane for a workshop.
If you missed the post earlier this week, and were curious as to what I made, you can find it here.
Anyway, I couldn’t resist taking some photos of their new collection, and some old favourites, whilst I was there.
I remember when I first visited the store, and it’s safe to say it has changed a lot!
The Brick Lane store is now spacious, inviting, and filled from floor to ceiling with goodies.
When I took the photos I wasn’t sure how they would turn out and if I would even use them.
Well I love how the collection looks so much that I wanted to share the photos with you.
I guess that the pieces don’t really need an amazing photographer as they’re so gorgeous.
They really speak for themselves, right?
My favourite pieces are the Lotus Flower Celebration & Sunrise Necklaces.
What pieces stand out for you?

Tatty Devine Neon Elephant Necklace Workshop

The necklace we would create, in our own design

Working hard: After choosing our colour scheme and decorating with crystals we put it together ourselves
My final piece: Neon ombre with gold crystal eyed elephants

When I heard Tatty Devine were holding a workshop involving neon and elephants I was excited!
I love elephants, they’re such loyal, beautiful creatures and of course I’m addicted to neon right now.
Unfortunately though I found out too late to grab tickets, as they had all already sold out.

“So how did you go then?” I hear you all ask.
Well, that is all down to the lovely Charlotte from Tatty Devine.
She had seen my dismay publicly displayed on Twitter and saved me a ticket.
I feel sad that someone pulled out of the workshop, but I was very happy to be able to attend.
It was all very last minute, as in I didn’t know I would be going until the evening before.
Still, I jumped at the chance to go and said yes, of course!
The workshop was as fun as always, and the staff as welcoming.
The lovely assistants were there to make sure everyone got on ok, and didn’t poke an eye out.
Thankfully all eyes remained intact and we all learnt how to put together a necklace, a la Tatty Devine.
For my necklace I went for an ombre neon colour scheme, to compliment my teeny tiny elephants.
After the workshop ended we all spent our 10% off (complimentary when you attend a workshop).
I enjoyed walking around the store after everyone had left and chatting with the lovely ladies.
I even love the new collection so much that I had to take some photos for another post.
Keep an eye out on Tatty Devine’s event page for future workshops.

My Tatty Devine Name Necklace

Two weeks ago I finally took the plunge and ordered a name necklace from Tatty Devine.

Partly because I had a lil extra suttin’ suttin’ in my bank account, and because I’d finally decided on a name/word.
Of course you don’t have to have your name on the necklace, and as you can see I didn’t.
Well, kind of…
When I ordered it I was expecting a lot of people to say “Err why does it say Bloomzy?”
But actually my friends & family agreed with me that it was a nice idea to get my alter-ego (pfft yeah right, I’m not exciting enough to have an alter-ego) etched out for my shiny necklace. I wanted to celebrate my blog – it’s a big part of my life, which has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people, and has taken me on a number of very amazing adventures – so it only seemed natural. Well that, and ‘Emma’ just seemed a little bit boring to me.
I guess it will also work as a handy name tag at future events.

I had mine made from the new ‘Shimmer’ iridescent option.
It’s a special Spring addition to the colour chart, which was added a few weeks ago.
It looks like a clear plastic, but it’s a whole lot more than that because it acts like a prism.
I absolutely adore the way it changes colour according to the light and it’s backdrop.
The whole process was simple and easy, well, once I’d finally decided the colour, font, charm etc.
It does take about 2 weeks if you order online or at the Brick Lane store, however if you head to their Selfridges concession you can get it done within the hour! How amazing is that?! It’s perfect if you’re in a rush or need one for a present asap.

Fancy seeing what your name would look like on a Tatty Devine necklace?
Have a go at designing your own on their interactive page here.

ETA: My photos/name necklace were featured in the Tatty Devine newsletter!

Photo Diary: Neon, Nails… & Cake

Last week I caught the nasty stomach bug that’s been going around.
So when the weekend came I was pretty excited to go out and enjoy myself.
I didn’t go too crazy as I was still feeling a bit gross, but I did indulge a little bit.
I stopped by both Fika and Kahaila, two amazing foodie gems right on Brick Lane.
I also popped up to Tatty Devine to order my first name necklace.
I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can show you all!
As for loves right now, I’ve hopped on the neon bandwagon.
It’s bright, it makes me happy, and I’ve covered myself in it.
I’ve even added a few neon pieces to my home decor.
I also did a bit of nail art last week, which I’ll be posting tutorials for soon.
Unfortunately that lead to me organising my nail polish collection, something I’ve needed to do for a while. 
It meant saying goodbye to old polishes, but also welcoming new ones that had started popping up on my dresser.
The polishes have been reproducing by themselves, honest.
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Where to Eat in London: Fika

Fika | Scandinavian | Lunch/Dinner | Brick Lane | Website
– reservations available –

I’m a pretty big foodie, if you hadn’t already guessed, so sometimes I like to post about food in London. This is an ongoing series (you can find the series here) as my love for food and discovering new bars, restaurants etc. continues to blossom. Lately I’ve decided to do special feature posts for places that really stand out to me. Today is Fika – a Swedish ‘Bar & Grille’ that has an amazingly relaxed atmosphere.

I’ve been before for Fika (Swedish for coffee break), when I had tea, gorgonzola & ginger biscuits. We were so impressed that I decided to take my fiancé back there for a post-Valentine’s Day meal. This time we had lunch and a very special treat of Semla, which is a traditional sweet roll eaten at Lent. It’s basically the Scandinavian version of Pancakes for Pancake Day, so I wanted to reserve a couple and enjoy it. The roll is very much like a bread roll (spiced with cardamon seeds), but hollowed out and filled with almond paste & whipped cream. It was certainly something different, and I didn’t dislike it, in fact it was nice as it wasn’t too sweet, although I think I would have enjoyed it slightly more if there had been extra almond paste – but it’s a favourite of mine, so I’m biased.

Before our Semla, we indulged in some lunch where I had Swedish Meatballs and the fiance had Lax Planka Salmon both of which were wonderful, and full of flavour! The meatballs came with the oh-so Swedish traditional accompaniment of mashed potato, red wine sauce and lingonberry jam. You might think that the lingonberry and red wine would counteract each other, as they’re both strong flavours, however both complimented the other, and the dish, very well. The portion sizes were perfect and left me feeling full, but not enough that I couldn’t fit in something sweet.

Fika are offering Semla for the whole of February, but you’ll need to book.