Super Ordinary Life: A Field Guide to Noticing More

Super Ordinary LifeSuper Ordinary Life: A Field Guide to Noticing More

I’ve always been someone who constantly looks around, making my friends and family “go on ahead”, whilst I took photos of an interesting texture, or brightly coloured piles of plastic (etc). That’s not to say I’m pretentious about photography, or that I look down on people who spend their time on a perfectly styled shot. Not at all! In fact I love a good OOTD or product shot as much as the next person. But my true interest lies somewhere else…

Super Ordinary Life 

I first met Yasumi via Instagram. I was enthralled by her photography and the ideology she represented. It was a refreshing break from the influencer-perfect shots that were filling my feed. I felt a connection with #super_ordinarylife straight away.

I think it’s fair to say that Yasumi changed my life. She helped me realise it was ok to express myself in ways that weren’t ‘on trend’, and that the amount of likes or followers you had wasn’t as important as creating something you cared about. At a time when I was struggling with my mental health, it helped bring me clarity and happiness. 

It’s a Zine Scene

Why did I tell you all this? Because I hope it helps you understand just how ecstatic and proud I am to be holding a copy of Yasumi’s debut zine – Super Ordinary Life: A Field Guide to Noticing More – in my hands right now.

The zine is a mindful, fun, engaging approach towards noticing more in our everyday lives. It includes some of Yasumi’s own photography, as well as insightful inserts, and challenges/pointers on capturing your own #super_ordinarylife creations. 

From shadows, to improvisation, and honing your eye. This zine is a gem for any photography lover, or someone that just wants to spend a little bit more time appreciating their surroundings. And if the photography featured in the zine isn’t enough to convince you that you should be noticing more, Yasumi’s carefully chosen words most definitely will. You can purchase the Super Ordinary Life zine here (currently being restocked).

Check out some of my own #super_ordinarylife creations below / find me on VSCO.

Super Ordinary Life Super Ordinary Life Super Ordinary Life