Roller Lash is a Curl’s Best Friend

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Last week I headed to Benefit’s Curl’s Best Friend Parlour for an evening of beauty talk with some of my fellow Birchbloggers. We were also joined by some of the Birchbox team who greeted us with cupcakes and cocktails – forget curl’s, this place was a blogger’s best friend! We mingled in the 1950-esque Noir Bar, surrounded by glamorous ladies, and a mirror that spouted cheesy compliments (yep, that’s a thing). 

After some networking we were given a make-up masterclass by Lisa Potter-Dixon and Jessica Dinner. Lisa gave us some great tips on how to achieve the latest catwalk beauty looks, but it was the tips and tricks of the trade that I was after. Luckily the evening didn’t disappoint. Lisa told us several of her favourite beauty hacks, such as using Benefit’s Hoola to contour the sockets of your eye (to make your eyes look bigger) and using your lipstick as a 3-in-1 beauty tool (on your lips, eyes and cheeks!). After our mini masterclass we headed down to the salon to have our hair and make-up done. I tried out the new Roller Lash mascara, which Benefit claim to be made for people with straight lashes, and had some curls put in my hair. Unfortunately the make-up looked a little too harsh on me (life story of a pale person), so all photographic evidence has been burnt…and by that I mean deleted off my phone. I loved what some of the other ladies were having done though, especially Jpoppy’s gorgeous hair-do. All in all I got to meet some lovely bloggers and learn some new beauty tips, so I’d call the evening a success.

If you’re interested head over to Benefit and Birchbox to find out more about the new Roller Lash mascara.