Review: Dr Organic Snail Gel Eye Serum

I figured since I started last week with an odd beauty review, I may as well continue the theme. I hope you’re not all bored of my snail gel reviews yet, as I’ve been using quite a few of the new Dr Organic range and I really want to share it with you all – the good and the bad.
+ Good consistency
+ Smells nice
+ Hydrating
– No noticeable effect
– Doesn’t absorb quickly
A product can have all the right moves, it can look good and even feel good, but if it doesn’t do what it says on the bottle, is it really worth the price tag? Unfortunately with this particular product, I’m beginning to think not. After using some of the other products in the snail gel range I was really hoping for something special with the eye serum. I’m always after a decent eye cream that will hydrate and tighten the skin around my eyes. I have yet to find one that satisfies me enough to repurchase it. This one is no different. The consistency of the serum is a watery cream, which smells lovely – a little like lemongrass. It is hydrating but it takes a while for my skin to absorb the product. I’ve been using it for several weeks now and I’ve not noticed any change in the skin around my eyes. At £12.99 I’m afraid I wouldn’t purchase this.
You can buy Dr Organic’s Snail Gel Eye Serum at Holland and Barrett.