I like pretty, shiny things…

Necklace and Earrings – Azendi*
Although I’ve toyed with gold in the past, silver has always been my number one choice for jewellery (when platinum isn’t available, darling). It’s effortlessly chic and goes with pretty much everything. In recent years I veered away from silver (apart from my rings) and I wore a lot of loud statement pieces. However as I see my personal style evolving yet again, I have rediscovered my love for the more minimalistic things in life.
Azendi sent me this sterling silver necklace and earrings to add to my ever growing jewellery collection. I couldn’t even believe the effort that the store had gone to with the packaging. Encased in a lovely big presentation box were two smaller boxes, individually wrapped up in beautiful paper and tied with a big purple ribbon. Presentation is so important, especially when you’re gifting jewellery to someone. Now I know that if I wanted to send an item from their site to a friend or family member, it would arrive looking picture perfect. The quality of the items is priority though, and I was really impressed with what I received. The silver was polished and without tarnish – silver can oxidise incredibly quickly and leave a nasty yellowish layer on top when not looked after properly (always keep your jewellery out of direct sunlight and in a box, if possible). I think Azendi’s jewellery is an absolute steal, with amazing prices for their pieces in silver, rose gold and semi/precious stones.You can buy these and more at Azendi.