Garnier BB Cream Review

During September, Garnier were offering customers the chance to try out samples of their new BB Cream. I applied straight away, as I was so excited to finally see this product hitting the shelves.

The samples came very neatly packaged in a small fold-out pack, which included info on BB Cream and a money-off voucher. The pack came with three regular sized samples – I went ahead and potted one of the samples…

Not a bad amount, definitely enough for 2, maybe 3 applications.

On the brush…I used a foundation brush to apply mine, although a sponge would probably be better.

Before I show you the results I will quickly mention that I asked for, and received, the ‘light’ version of the cream. I consistently find it difficult to match foundations etc. to my skin tone so I was looking forward to seeing the outcome.

As you can see the BB Cream didn’t match my skin tone (check out the difference between my face & neck) and was visibly more yellow…even my fiancé commented on it.

Did it work?
Skin tone aside, let’s look at what Garnier’s BB Cream claims to do and whether I felt it worked or not.

“light texture that instantly melts into your skin”
“skin feels more supple, smoother, softer”

It was definitely light, but I didn’t feel like it ‘melted’ into my skin. In fact it kind of felt sticky, like a lotion that hadn’t dried properly. I disliked the feel and look so much that I applied a generous amount of powder on top to try and get rid of the sticky, greasy look.

However my skin did feel supple and smooth.

“sheer coverage; imperfections look blurred…your skin looks luminous, smoother and more even”

My skin did look smooth and it certainly evened out the redness around my cheek and nose area.

‘Imperfections’? Well I don’t feel my freckles are imperfections to be honest, but it didn’t cover them. You shouldn’t really expect this from a simple BB Cream anyway, but for those who might be interested in it for those reasons – sorry, it may not be the right product for you.

I wasn’t very pleased with the outcome. I think my opinion is slightly biased though, as I felt the cream was far too dark for my skin tone.

Don’t take my word for it though! Find out more at the Garnier website.
Those in the UK can still apply for a free sample here.