Life and a weekend in London

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This week has been pretty uneventful so far.
I spent the beginning of my week stuck in my room, writing a presentation with an injured leg.
My leg is a lot better now, but it’s still pretty painful to walk on/bend, but…life goes one!
Thanks to those who sent their well wishes.
This weekend I shall be in London to meet one of the people I’ve really missed since Tokyo; Mitsu!
I can’t wait to be reunited with my gorgeous gal, and some wonderful friends! I also can’t wait to get back to London!
As you probably guessed, that means I will be away from the blog this weekend (Friday to Monday). I will try to schedule some posts though, and I will also have my phone so I can approve comments, update Twitter etc.
I promise to come back with lots of stories and pictures.

Birthday Weekend

Birthday gift from The Body Shop

It’s my birthday on Sunday, so the lovely people at The Body Shop sent me a voucher to spend in-store, as I am a member of their loyalty card scheme. 10% off in-store and online, special offers through email and then a special gift on your birthday month. Amazing!
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Anyway, the subject of this post; I shall be away from the blog this weekend as it is my birthday on Sunday, so I plan to relax and enjoy my time with friends and the fiancé. I shall be back next week, no doubt with pictures and tales of my weekend.

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Wine & Gold

So I’ve come down with a pretty bad cold, hence the lack of posts.
I do apologise and I will update properly as soon as I recover.
For now, just a small visual of some recent nails.
I love the wine trend lately, and also on a bit of a gold kick.
Surely it makes sense to put the two together then, no?

A change of style…

Some of you may have noticed that yesterday I changed the look of the blog.
It’s been in the works for a few months, but now it is all finished and I’m so happy with the final result.

I have to give a big shout-out to the wonderful Callie who made me a new graphic. A friend of my sister who I have had the pleasure of knowing for quite a few years, she is so talented and incredibly sweet. I didn’t think she could beat the previous one she made (remember it?) but this is just amazing.
Does it look familiar? If you said yes, than aren’t you a smarty pants. Yes, she modeled it on my birthday purikura – the one I use for my profile picture.

If you like Callie’s work and are interested in your own personal graphic then she is currently taking commissions for only £5 (around $8)!! Leave her a note on her deviant art.

Au Revoir~

picture not related but very yummy

Sorry for being absent for so long, it’s been almost a week – shocking~
I spent my weekend mainly visiting art museums and eating in fancy restaurants, which was a lovely way to spend my last weekend in Paris
I only have 4 days left here and although I love it, I am looking forward to being back in England

I have classes until Saturday and then I have a ‘farewell picnic’ with my teachers/classmates before I head home in the evening. I’ll also be spending my evenings going out with friends etc. so I am afraid you may have to wait a little longer for any substantial posts from me. ごめん!

I also installed a flag counter on the sidebar today. It’s super fresh though, so it looks a little bare right now but lets hope that it fills up soon! I love finding out where my readers are visiting from

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