The ever lovable Tsubasa Masuwaka posted on her blog today, about 3 new products from the ‘Candydoll’ range. These include; finishing powder, highlighter and blusher.
The finishing powder and highlighter seem like your average powders but the blusher comes in a rather odd colour. Carrot Orange. Yep, you heard me right. There are no real pictures that show it off properly right now, but it seems a little hard to imagine…maybe it’s just the use of the word carrot haha.
I personally wasn’t a massive fan of the original baby pink blusher by ‘Candydoll’…at least not the way that Tsubasa wore it (I wear a similar shade, and I use it subtly). But it seemed to sell well, and Magazines such as Popteen raved about it…but then they would have to ;D
However, MAC do an orange in their ‘Cremeblend Blush’ range, and it has sold out of the online store.
So what do you guys think, could ‘Carrot Orange Blusher’ be the next big thing?
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