Life in Japan; I miss…

I have still have so many pictures/things to tell you about my life in Japan, and even though it was cut short that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to post all of those things, right?
So to welcome back the series, I would like to make this post all about some of the things I miss about Japan.

Karaoke (namely Utahiro)

Karaoke food



Japanese food

This kind of thing…

Of course purikura~

The scenery…

& architecture

My university

 && friends

Faces have been pixelated to preserve people’s privacy.

Life in Paris; Photo Diary

mmm macarons
more yummy sweets

day in the park with a friend and her dog
Japanese textbooks – what the…?!

art installation
street art at its finest

stopping for a hot chocolate at a cafe…
and ending the evening with a mojito

Sorry I haven’t done a photo diary for a while. My camera messed up for a few weeks, but is now magically working again. I’m not complaining though, very happy to have it back

Au Revoir~

picture not related but very yummy

Sorry for being absent for so long, it’s been almost a week – shocking~
I spent my weekend mainly visiting art museums and eating in fancy restaurants, which was a lovely way to spend my last weekend in Paris
I only have 4 days left here and although I love it, I am looking forward to being back in England

I have classes until Saturday and then I have a ‘farewell picnic’ with my teachers/classmates before I head home in the evening. I’ll also be spending my evenings going out with friends etc. so I am afraid you may have to wait a little longer for any substantial posts from me. ごめん!

I also installed a flag counter on the sidebar today. It’s super fresh though, so it looks a little bare right now but lets hope that it fills up soon! I love finding out where my readers are visiting from

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Photo diary

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It’s a ‘Life Experience’…

Remember that ‘life experience’ I was talking about the other day
Well that is the name that my tutor likes to give to the activities and field-trips that we have been taking part in during our stay here in Paris. And this one, was er…certainly interesting…
I’m not a fan of anime or manga, although a lot of people on my course are. Therefore, our tutors thought that they would give us a few days off classes to enjoy one of the biggest expos in Europe related to Japanese pop culture. Yep that’s right, they sent me to ‘Japan Expo’
Originally I wasn’t planning on going for the reasons above, however some of my friends managed to talk me into coming along after talks of silly costumes and other things. I also wanted to give it a chance and ‘experience’ something new…I like to give things a chance before I say I dislike them
So for those who have also never experienced this kind of thing and for those who are just curious, this post is for you!

I didn’t dress up especially for the expo, but it did mean that I was able to add a little drama to my make-up, compared to what I have been wearing latelyNatural, simple make-up is favoured here so anything else tends to turn a few heads.

Tshirt: JSG
Shorts: H&M
Thigh high socks: Donki
Boots: Topshop  
I wore my Jeffrey Campbell dupes which went better than I had expected. I also got a lot of compliments on them which was nice.
The friend who managed to persuade me into coming decided the night before that she was going to ‘troll’ everyone by turning up as Nyan Cat (the latest internet phenomenon), complete with speakers looping the infamous tune. Everyone loved her costume and she was constantly stopped by people wanting her photo. Not bad for a costume made from a cardboard box.
But that’s enough chit-chat for now, enjoy the rest of my photos from the event…
Click images to enlarge!

I think a lot of the expo was lost on me as I didn’t understand much, but the Japanese culture sections were good and I found an interesting stall that I think I will mention in a later post. I also found someone stocking Candydoll cosmetics, but they weren’t selling that day and I didn’t want to return the following day just for that…shame

 Puri with Nyan Cat
I love the comparison!
I also managed to buy ye ol’ Tsubasa’s blog book – a book full of her blog entries, fashion/make-up tips and lifestyle items. It’s almost 5 years old I think haha
…and the new issue of Popsister, which is really growing on me lately

Paris Meet!!

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Ananya and Emmie came to Paris for the SM Town concert and whilst they were here we managed to meet-up!
I was so happy as I haven’t seen Ananya for maybe 3 years (is that right?)! It was also the first time for me to meet Emmie, which I had wanted to do for a while.
…and make-up
I had to be up at 7am to get ready for 6 hours of classes, so I didn’t do anything amazing with my hair/make-up. I went for a nude eyeshadow with some simple top & bottom lashes. I just wanted something simple & stylish, it was also important that it would last the whole day.

I wanted to wear my new favourite shirt, so I paired it with some ripped-lace shorts and my favourite necklace…which broke later that day, nooooo~
In fact one girl liked our outfits so much that she stopped us and asked if she could take photos. She was a fashion student who also wanted to post them on her friends blog.

Shirt: Egoist
Shorts: Zara
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Primark
Bags: JSG & Primark
Necklace: Liz Lisa
They asked for their ‘derp’ faces to be cut out,
oh you guys!

Both of my gals were looking gorgeous and I was so envious of Emmie’s Litas. I was planning on wearing my dupes but Paris is not Lita friendly, trust me…and I’m pretty clumsy too haha

I just adore Emmie’s extensions, it really made me want to get another set. I also loved Ananya’s dress and belt combo, isn’t it lovely.

We went to a restaurant that Ananya’s dad had recommended but they hadn’t started serving food so we waited and had drinks. Unfortunately we were given the snootiest waitress possible and she refused to let us have a table when they did start serving. I definitely won’t be visiting again, thanks to her. It’s a shame because the place had a pretty cool vibe and it looked good.
I did get to enjoy some yummy ginger beer though!
New purchase!

I also purchased the most gorgeous pair of sheer trousers from H&M. I had been wanting a skirt for a long time but then saw these and automatically fell in love~ ♥
It was a great day and I had a lovely time with Ananya and Emmie, I just wish it could have lasted longer. Oh well, I’m eagerly awaiting the meet we talked about for when I return from Paris!!

A BIG Announcement…

As I have been mentioning on my twitter and facebook recently I have a big announcement to make. This isn’t really related to the blog and I know I don’t usually make personal posts on here, but this is big and I am so happy that I just want to tell everyone. So here it goes
I’m engaged!!

Yep! Last week my boyfriend ‘popped the question’ and I said yes, of course ;D
We have been together for nearly 3 years now and have lived together in 3 different countries (UK, Japan & France) – it’s all gone so quickly, but I’ve had an amazing time! I’m so happy and I know we are ready to take the next step in our relationship ♥♥
Unfortunately I don’t have pics of the ring yet as it was too big so it had to be re-sized and I forgot to take a picture before hand…to be honest we kind of rushed to the store so it would be done asap! But I will make sure to post pics when I get it back!
Anyway, here are some pics from that day…
He took me to Paris Aquarium, because I love Aquariums.
Then we went for tea at cafe opposite the Eiffel Tower.
But why?!

Because he had done his research!
People claim this cafe has the best macarons in Paris…
…and it’s no lie! 
I had: Green Lemon & Basilic, Blackcurrant-violet, Rose, Chocolate & Hazlenut and Salty Buttered Caramel – which was my favourite!!
Then we walked by the Eiffel Tower and along the Seine. 
To THE spot…although I didn’t know that.
We went to a bridge that he had found by the Louvre.
It’s where couples go to place ‘love padlocks’ on the bridge.
Sometimes they write their names, initials, a message or even a drawing.
Then they throw the key away into the river. 
Romantic, no?
And that was where he proposed. 
The scenery was gorgeous and the feeling was right.
It was the perfect setting!
Afterward he took me for dinner in Opera at a Japanese restaurant.
It was really tasty!
Then we celebrated with dessert from a patisserie. 
♥ I couldn’t have asked for more  ♥
Note: The Intensedebate commenting system I use has died on this post so I lost a lot of the comments you guys sent. I’m sorry~

Life in Paris; ‘Japan Town’ pt.2

This is the 2nd part to the short ‘Japan Town’ in Paris series that I recently posted. As I promised in the previous post, this one will be concerning Japanese magazines, movies and books.
First stop is ‘Komikku(Japanese katakana-ized word for Comic) – this store isn’t actually on Rue Saint Anne like the others, however it does join onto it therefore I thought I would mention it. You can find it by turning down beside Starbucks on the main street.
Anyway, Komikku is a small store that claims to offer ‘Anime, Manga and J-Music’. I thought I would pop in quickly so I could tell you guys about it and, well…I was quite disappointed. I’m not a fan of manga/anime myself and this teeny-tiny store seemed to only offer manga. I saw a few anime dvds but no music (apart from anime soundtracks). That’s not really a big deal but the sign boasts this, and yet they had none. 
They did have a large and very cute selection of bento boxes, recipe books and accessories though! ♥
Next is Marugen. Unfortunately the store was closed when I visited. It looked as though they were moving some stock, but the owner mentioned that it would be open the following day. They are a brand from Osaka that offer casual Tobi wear for men and women. For those who don’t know,  (Tobi) is the name usually given to construction workers and their clothing – example
I did take a peek inside though and I was surprised by the rich textures they had on display. It reminded me of an Asakusa market stall with all the rich, traditional fabric they had used, along with tshirts, various sized 招き猫 and other ornaments, infact I didn’t see much of the ‘Tobi’ influence at all.
But the real reason I went was…
The lovely Natalie from Juicy Blog was very kind to let me know that there is purikura in Paris, and whereas I wasn’t surprised (they have it London, so why not Paris?!) I was very happy to know the location. Obviously I didn’t get to try it out (as they were closed) but I plan to next time!
She mentioned that it was an old machine, which you can see from the examples on the door. Even so, with the price being from only 5€ it is a lot cheaper than the one in London and you can still decorate your photos as much as you like.

I’ve not yet tried out any of the karaoke booths/salons in Japan Town/the surrounding area. However my friends have mentioned that there are a few and are keen to go, so maybe I will be posting about that soon. I really miss karaoke~ 

Sorry, I couldn’t take photos inside
Now onto one of my favourite stores in ‘Japan Town’ – Book Off!
Some of you may already know of Book Off – it is a successful chain store in Japan, which has also branched outside of the country…obviously. They offer Japanese language books, textbooks and revision guides, anime, manga, Japanese music, memorabilia, Japanese dvds and fashion magazines!

I was really pleased by this Book Off as they have so much stock. Their cd and dvd collection is amazing! I don’t really listen to Japanese music or watch Japanese dramas/movies as avidly as I used to, but if I did I would certainly be wasting some hard-earned cash here! Not only that but they offer foreign films with Japanese dubbing (usually blockbusters and Disney), which is great for those practising Japanese.
Their choice of fashion magazines is good. They don’t have as much as the Japanese Centre in London but they have quite a bit, although the last 3 times I have been in they haven’t had any recent Gal magazines. They also stock recent mooks for those who want special catalogues and gifts. Of course they all come at a price; 15 is the average magazine price, around 20 for mooks (sometimes cheaper, especially for older ones). 
However I was most impressed by their selection of back-issues. They had TONS! I found at least 3 from each popular Gal magazine (and more from others) – most for only 4 or 5..and this was for issues from only 2-3months ago. Of course they’re not completely up-to-date but what was usually in around 2-3months ago is usually still good to go…or you can just add any issues you missed to your library. Bargain!
Hello!Project and AKB48 Merchandise in the window

– I also need to visit and have been recommended Junku, which I’ve been told stocks a lot of Japanese language books and some magazines also.

– Another place to find Manga, Anime and Japanese music CDs is in Chatelet’s ‘Forum Des Halles‘ – I’ve only been to that store but they do sell it on their online store too, so it’s more than likely that they also stock similar things in other stores.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any stores that stock Japanese cosmetics, but if you live in Paris (or have visited) and know anywhere, please let me know!