Photo Diary; Paris meets India

Paris-Delhi-Bombay…India through the eyes of Indian & French artists…Exhibit
Centre Pompidou (4th arrondissment) holds the largest museum for Modern Art in Europe. I’m a big fan of modern art so I didn’t want to miss out on the chance to visit. Students also get in at a reduced price.

I don’t like to over saturate my photo diary posts…
I do have more from my visit here, which I will post periodically.

Photo Diary; Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto really is a beautiful and humbling city. The sense of old meets new is even stronger here. It’s definitely my favourite city next to Tokyo, although I’m sure if I spent more time in Kyoto that could easily change. 
I had almost forgotten about the Japan & Paris photo diary series.
I promise to make them a more regular item.

Life in Japan; I miss…

I have still have so many pictures/things to tell you about my life in Japan, and even though it was cut short that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to post all of those things, right?
So to welcome back the series, I would like to make this post all about some of the things I miss about Japan.

Karaoke (namely Utahiro)

Karaoke food



Japanese food

This kind of thing…

Of course purikura~

The scenery…

& architecture

My university

 && friends

Faces have been pixelated to preserve people’s privacy.

Life in Paris; Photo Diary

mmm macarons
more yummy sweets

day in the park with a friend and her dog
Japanese textbooks – what the…?!

art installation
street art at its finest

stopping for a hot chocolate at a cafe…
and ending the evening with a mojito

Sorry I haven’t done a photo diary for a while. My camera messed up for a few weeks, but is now magically working again. I’m not complaining though, very happy to have it back

Au Revoir~

picture not related but very yummy

Sorry for being absent for so long, it’s been almost a week – shocking~
I spent my weekend mainly visiting art museums and eating in fancy restaurants, which was a lovely way to spend my last weekend in Paris
I only have 4 days left here and although I love it, I am looking forward to being back in England

I have classes until Saturday and then I have a ‘farewell picnic’ with my teachers/classmates before I head home in the evening. I’ll also be spending my evenings going out with friends etc. so I am afraid you may have to wait a little longer for any substantial posts from me. ごめん!

I also installed a flag counter on the sidebar today. It’s super fresh though, so it looks a little bare right now but lets hope that it fills up soon! I love finding out where my readers are visiting from

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Photo diary

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It’s a ‘Life Experience’…

Remember that ‘life experience’ I was talking about the other day
Well that is the name that my tutor likes to give to the activities and field-trips that we have been taking part in during our stay here in Paris. And this one, was er…certainly interesting…
I’m not a fan of anime or manga, although a lot of people on my course are. Therefore, our tutors thought that they would give us a few days off classes to enjoy one of the biggest expos in Europe related to Japanese pop culture. Yep that’s right, they sent me to ‘Japan Expo’
Originally I wasn’t planning on going for the reasons above, however some of my friends managed to talk me into coming along after talks of silly costumes and other things. I also wanted to give it a chance and ‘experience’ something new…I like to give things a chance before I say I dislike them
So for those who have also never experienced this kind of thing and for those who are just curious, this post is for you!

I didn’t dress up especially for the expo, but it did mean that I was able to add a little drama to my make-up, compared to what I have been wearing latelyNatural, simple make-up is favoured here so anything else tends to turn a few heads.

Tshirt: JSG
Shorts: H&M
Thigh high socks: Donki
Boots: Topshop  
I wore my Jeffrey Campbell dupes which went better than I had expected. I also got a lot of compliments on them which was nice.
The friend who managed to persuade me into coming decided the night before that she was going to ‘troll’ everyone by turning up as Nyan Cat (the latest internet phenomenon), complete with speakers looping the infamous tune. Everyone loved her costume and she was constantly stopped by people wanting her photo. Not bad for a costume made from a cardboard box.
But that’s enough chit-chat for now, enjoy the rest of my photos from the event…
Click images to enlarge!

I think a lot of the expo was lost on me as I didn’t understand much, but the Japanese culture sections were good and I found an interesting stall that I think I will mention in a later post. I also found someone stocking Candydoll cosmetics, but they weren’t selling that day and I didn’t want to return the following day just for that…shame

 Puri with Nyan Cat
I love the comparison!
I also managed to buy ye ol’ Tsubasa’s blog book – a book full of her blog entries, fashion/make-up tips and lifestyle items. It’s almost 5 years old I think haha
…and the new issue of Popsister, which is really growing on me lately

Paris Meet!!

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Ananya and Emmie came to Paris for the SM Town concert and whilst they were here we managed to meet-up!
I was so happy as I haven’t seen Ananya for maybe 3 years (is that right?)! It was also the first time for me to meet Emmie, which I had wanted to do for a while.
…and make-up
I had to be up at 7am to get ready for 6 hours of classes, so I didn’t do anything amazing with my hair/make-up. I went for a nude eyeshadow with some simple top & bottom lashes. I just wanted something simple & stylish, it was also important that it would last the whole day.

I wanted to wear my new favourite shirt, so I paired it with some ripped-lace shorts and my favourite necklace…which broke later that day, nooooo~
In fact one girl liked our outfits so much that she stopped us and asked if she could take photos. She was a fashion student who also wanted to post them on her friends blog.

Shirt: Egoist
Shorts: Zara
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Primark
Bags: JSG & Primark
Necklace: Liz Lisa
They asked for their ‘derp’ faces to be cut out,
oh you guys!

Both of my gals were looking gorgeous and I was so envious of Emmie’s Litas. I was planning on wearing my dupes but Paris is not Lita friendly, trust me…and I’m pretty clumsy too haha

I just adore Emmie’s extensions, it really made me want to get another set. I also loved Ananya’s dress and belt combo, isn’t it lovely.

We went to a restaurant that Ananya’s dad had recommended but they hadn’t started serving food so we waited and had drinks. Unfortunately we were given the snootiest waitress possible and she refused to let us have a table when they did start serving. I definitely won’t be visiting again, thanks to her. It’s a shame because the place had a pretty cool vibe and it looked good.
I did get to enjoy some yummy ginger beer though!
New purchase!

I also purchased the most gorgeous pair of sheer trousers from H&M. I had been wanting a skirt for a long time but then saw these and automatically fell in love~ ♥
It was a great day and I had a lovely time with Ananya and Emmie, I just wish it could have lasted longer. Oh well, I’m eagerly awaiting the meet we talked about for when I return from Paris!!