Meet with Le Samispoon♔

Last month I met with my ex-uni & forever Starbucks buddy Le Samispoon, as she shall fondly be referred to.
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A freak Indian Summer meant it was almost unbearably hot for us Brits.
It also meant I got to pull out my sheer, sleeveless shirt.

Leeds Corn Exhchange & Cath Kidston store.
Present for myself, and a diary & tissues for my bf in Japan.
Irresistable cupcakes, which we managed to resist…?!
Tofu bento, finishing with green tea infused ice cream in ‘Little Tokyo’ where the food tastes as good as the restaurant looks…which is amazing by the way.
A final photo taken on the train home and edited with an oh-so high-tech iPhone purikura app. Make-up less, with a super cheesy grin which had to be censored.
Random fact: After a long day I will remove my make-up the first chance I get.

Photo Diary; Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto really is a beautiful and humbling city. The sense of old meets new is even stronger here. It’s definitely my favourite city next to Tokyo, although I’m sure if I spent more time in Kyoto that could easily change. 
I had almost forgotten about the Japan & Paris photo diary series.
I promise to make them a more regular item.

Rings on her fingers…

Completely obsessed with accessories and my nails right now.
It seems like I buy a new ring, necklace, bracelet etc. every time I go out.
Of course I also have old favourites like the watch my grandmother gave me, and the spiral ring my friend got me from Mexico.
I’ve fondly named this nail style ‘Toxic’ as it reminds me of the nude-sparkle-suit that Britney wore in the video of the same name. 

Photo Diary; 久しぶり University

I’ve been back at university for a month now and it’s been rather laid back, which may be down to only having 5 hours of lectures a week

So what have I been up to? Mainly catching up with people, meeting new ones, buying American Sweets from The Sugar Shack and classes founding the new ‘Tuesday Night Movie Club’I’m a bit of a movie geek at heart, and always jump at the chance to host.

Dinner with the fiancé – Tapas.
Cinema & Mexican food ♥

Hot, sunny days & warm, dark nights.
Finally organising my room, and making it more ‘me’.

Meet with Alanna & Toni~

Only a few days after I had arrived back from Paris I was lucky enough to meet with some of my lovely gals; Alanna & Toni – it was such a shame you couldn’t make it Gaby! These two have been good friends of mine for a long time and I always enjoy spending the day with them
Anyway, I am going to recycle some pictures from my last post as I took those pictures on the same day. Just some basic make-up shots…
I think I could have gone slightly more dramatic with my eye make-up but I still like how this look came out. I used my new Urban Decay Naked Palette, which I love~ It has everything I need, so I can see my other palettes being neglected for a while
Shirt: H&M
Trousers: H&M
Accessories: River Island & H&M
I’ve been trying out different outfits lately with these sheer trousers, and I’ve found that they work best with a simple top. Of course I am loving the peter pan collar trend as well so I made use of that
Alanna was wearing a gorgeous mustard yellow collared top from New Look, which suited her so much. Maybe if she has a code pic I can steal it from her and put it on here later And Toni was looking stunning in the dress she recently bought from Topshop – very ‘blogger style’
After lots of shopping and coffee breaks we headed to…
Henry’s for cocktails!
Reasonably priced

My first of the night was a ‘Tokyo Iced Tea’, which is one of my favourites as it’s so yummy and refreshing. It’s a variation on the ‘Long Island Ice Tea’ – the difference being that it has midori liqueur & lemonade. 
Shortly followed by a peach daiquiri, which was good but a little too sweet for my liking. I usually have the banana one, but they were out of bananas Next time!!

After cocktails we headed to Wagamamas (as our usual place is moving to a new location) for dinner. I had the yasai chahan but I couldn’t finish it at all, the portion was amazing haha

I had a lovely time, thanks gals!

Life in Paris; Photo Diary

mmm macarons
more yummy sweets

day in the park with a friend and her dog
Japanese textbooks – what the…?!

art installation
street art at its finest

stopping for a hot chocolate at a cafe…
and ending the evening with a mojito

Sorry I haven’t done a photo diary for a while. My camera messed up for a few weeks, but is now magically working again. I’m not complaining though, very happy to have it back

A BIG Announcement…

As I have been mentioning on my twitter and facebook recently I have a big announcement to make. This isn’t really related to the blog and I know I don’t usually make personal posts on here, but this is big and I am so happy that I just want to tell everyone. So here it goes
I’m engaged!!

Yep! Last week my boyfriend ‘popped the question’ and I said yes, of course ;D
We have been together for nearly 3 years now and have lived together in 3 different countries (UK, Japan & France) – it’s all gone so quickly, but I’ve had an amazing time! I’m so happy and I know we are ready to take the next step in our relationship ♥♥
Unfortunately I don’t have pics of the ring yet as it was too big so it had to be re-sized and I forgot to take a picture before hand…to be honest we kind of rushed to the store so it would be done asap! But I will make sure to post pics when I get it back!
Anyway, here are some pics from that day…
He took me to Paris Aquarium, because I love Aquariums.
Then we went for tea at cafe opposite the Eiffel Tower.
But why?!

Because he had done his research!
People claim this cafe has the best macarons in Paris…
…and it’s no lie! 
I had: Green Lemon & Basilic, Blackcurrant-violet, Rose, Chocolate & Hazlenut and Salty Buttered Caramel – which was my favourite!!
Then we walked by the Eiffel Tower and along the Seine. 
To THE spot…although I didn’t know that.
We went to a bridge that he had found by the Louvre.
It’s where couples go to place ‘love padlocks’ on the bridge.
Sometimes they write their names, initials, a message or even a drawing.
Then they throw the key away into the river. 
Romantic, no?
And that was where he proposed. 
The scenery was gorgeous and the feeling was right.
It was the perfect setting!
Afterward he took me for dinner in Opera at a Japanese restaurant.
It was really tasty!
Then we celebrated with dessert from a patisserie. 
♥ I couldn’t have asked for more  ♥
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