OOTD: Keep Cool

Top* – Persun | Slip Dress – Primark | Bag – Zara | Sandals* – Fitflop | Sunglasses* – Playn
It hasn’t exactly been easy in this heatwave, trying to figure out which items of clothing won’t leave me melting into a puddle. I do however have a few items I know I can rely on to keep me cool and stylish. Well, as stylish as I’m going to get anyway.
My number one favourite item right now is my little black slip dress from Primark. You’re probably wondering why on earth I would even consider black in this heat. Honestly I have no better excuse than “…because it goes with everything.” It is a little plain by itself though so I’ve been layering it with loose fitting/cotton tees, to add a bit of dimension to my outfits. Of course sandals are a must in this heat, as are sunglasses so I’ve entrusted both of those tasks to two brands I know and love: Fitflop, and Playn Eyewear. As far as accessories go, my watch and my new camera are the only ones I need. However I do need something to carry a heavy DSLR around in, so I opted for my Zara backpack.
I’ve been hanging in there and thankfully I haven’t combusted just yet. If it wasn’t for loose tops and sandals I think I’d have got that pixie cut I’ve been dreaming of for the past few years and hidden myself away in a cave.
Thanks to Chopstickpanorama for taking my photos.

OOTD: I Feel Blue

Top* – Persun | Trousers* – Persun | Bag* – Persun | Sandals* – FitFlop | Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs

When you leave a bunch of bloggers alone together you know something is going to be photographed. This time round it meant an impromptu photo shoot at Netil 360, overlooking East London. Balloons and silly poses were the name of the game, as we tried to look as carefree and candid as you possibly can when you’re actually posing in front of a camera. Luckily I had some lovely blogger friends (Alex & Honey) on hand to help me laugh, and just generally act like a fool, whilst they took my outfit photos for me.
The weather was pretty warm on Saturday but it was also slightly deceptive. After spending most of my life in England I wasn’t to be fooled by the sun shining outside my window. Call me pessimistic if you will, but I knew that it was going to be a t-shirt and trouser kind of day. Luckily for me I had these gorgeous items from Persun just lying around, waiting for me to adorn myself with them. I got so many compliments on my ‘I Feel Blue’ top, which certainly didn’t leave me sad. It’s incredibly comfortable and left me feeling pretty chic, when paired with the trousers and more importantly the clutch! Yes, I actually went out for a whole day with only a clutch bag. That was not easy for someone who enjoys shoving their entire life into a bag, but I got by and I felt pretty cool in the process. I finished everything off with my new FitFlops – the comfiest sandals/flip-flops that you will ever find. They actually arrived that morning, which seemed to be a sign that yes, it would finally be warm enough to wear sandals. I love it when comfort meets fashion, because really I’m just an old lady inside who wants to walk around in a nightgown and memory foam slippers 24/7. Thankfully this outfit is slightly more fashionable though.
Thanks to Alex of alexianatouillia for taking these photos.

Wish List: Persun Mall

Persun Mall Wishlist
Recently I joined Persun Mall‘s blogger program and was asked to create a wishlist.
I do love a good wishlist, so of course I jumped at the chance to do one this time round.
After choosing a few items I loved, I realised that I’d started to style an entire outfit.
Little by little it was coming together and it was full of some gorgeous items.

At first look, it would seem I was inspired by the recent festival trend going around.
Even though I’m not a festival fan this outfit and these items probably would be perfect for one.
Sunglasses, bracelet, shawl jacket, dark denim shorts, tan shoulder bag and ankle boots – check!
Persun Mall is similar to a lot of other China based online brands doing the rounds right now.
You’ll find affordable, varied items of a decent quality that can be shipped worldwide.
I’m looking forward to working with them!