My Visit To The Cheeky Parlour

Just before Christmas I treated my friend Anna to a trip to the Cheeky parlour. I had heard of the mini beauty salon in Shoreditch and was dying to visit with a friend. Located on Redchurch St, above Aubin & Wills, the salon fits into Shoreditch perfectly. The idea behind the parlour is brilliant, offering walk-in manicures, blow outs and food. You’re handed a small paper card when you enter, and this is filled in throughout your visit. Whether you have a manicure & coffee, or a hair style & cake, it is jotted down onto your card. Now this may seem dangerous to a beauty addict, but with such great prices it’s not scary at all.

We had a manicure (only £10!), with nail art (£1.50 per nail). Now the amazing thing is, every manicure comes with a free polish! Yep, you get a 10ml pot of nail polish, in the shade you choose for your manicure. If that isn’t a bargain then I don’t know what is. So my whole manicure, with nail art, cost only £13. We ordered a couple of coffees and they were brought to us as we chatted and relaxed at the nail bar. Afterwards we retired to a comfy sofa and waited for our nails to dry, whilst we browsed the menu. I was pretty impressed with the food on offer, all of it sounded delicious and reasonably priced. We had mini red velvet cakes and chilled out, whilst drinking in our surroundings. Finally we checked out all the Cheeky products on offer, before paying.

The concept behind the Cheeky Parlour is any beauty lovers fantasy. Prices are reasonable, and the treatments offered are perfectly executed. The parlour is perfectly Shoreditch, on-trend and great for visiting with friends. All-in-all I will definitely be going again, and taking friends & family with me. I may even go for a hairstyle next time, if I have the occasion to.

You can find Cheeky Parlour on Redchurch St, Shoreditch.

When Nail Art Becomes…Art

Nail art has only become popular in recent years and it’s still evolving. Still, you’re more likely to see polka dots, leopard print or hearts than Pablo Picasso. Nail technicians like Disco Nail & Britney Tokyo are blurring the lines between the two though. There’s one lady in particular who is the perfect example of this trend.

Susi Kenna is an art enthusiast who just so happens to also love nail art. Thankfully she also likes to share the mini works of art with others via Instagram. She has had nail artists adorn her fingers with various well known artists works, such as: Pablo Picasso, Yayoi Kusama, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bridget Riley and many more.

As someone with a false set of nails depicting Frida Kahlo, I love it! I’ve always been an art lover, and so it’s only natural I’d love nail art. At the end of the day it’s all about expressing yourself isn’t it?

Would you wear a mini piece of art on your nails?
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Review: Elle Macpherson The Body Nail Wraps

Elle Macpherson The Body Nail Wraps by Homedics*

Nail wraps are nothing new but recently I’ve seen a sudden resurgence.
I’m not surprised as they’re an ‘easy’ and simple way to get a great nail look.
I decided to test out a new range of wraps by Elle Macpherson for Homedics.
Poorly Applied wraps

+ Great effect
+ Easy to remove
+ Lasts longer than polish
+ Love the gold & silver options
+ Wraps come with a variety of sizes

– Difficult to apply perfectly
– Not keen on the pink wraps

I knew straightaway that I would have trouble applying these.
I’m not the best with nail wraps and these weren’t any different to others I’d used.
I loved the final look of the wraps and that they came in a variety of sizes (and with a free nail file to help apply them), but I found it difficult to get a perfect crease-free application. I did manage to do it on my first application on my little finger, but didn’t seem to have much luck with the remaining ones. One of the tips given in the instructions is to use a hair dryer to help sort out the creases after you have first applied them. I didn’t have time to try this but I think I will next time, as I imagine it would help. The gold and silver wraps are gorgeous and look amazing on – robot chic, anyone? The glittery pink isn’t for me though. I need more practise with these but overall I was quite happy with them.
You can purchase Elle Macpherson’s nail wraps at Homedics for £9.99 each

Photo Diary: Bob, Bacon, Bling

Cryptic as that title may sound, it pretty much sums up my last couple of weeks.
It’s been a busy few weeks but I’ve been relaxing and treating myself now and then.
I went to Sundown Festival with my bestie Jemi and had my nails done by Effy Nails.
I’m now convinced that I need to hire Rachel to be my personal nail artist – I’m hooked!
I was sent some luxurious fruit gelato by Divino, which I promise I didn’t eat all at once.
I got my hair done at Bleach, as this week marks the start of something special so I had to look good.
I rocked the amazingly gorgeous Avantgarde tights that Renka sent me – see my package video here.
I ate out several times this week with friends and the fiancé…it’s my weakness, I must be stopped!
I also indulged in some new candles from Kringle and Oliver Bonas – gingerbread, and vanilla.
Finally on Sunday I had a day to relax to myself before the start of a hectic week.
I can’t wait to let you all in on my exciting news, so keep an eye on my Twitter.

Photo Diary: Boots, Bites & Business

What have I been up to lately?

Well my internship with Finchittida Finch is going great!
We’re getting down to the final hours of a very exciting, and big, order.
Of course I still had time to pamper myself and do my nails in some Spring pastel shades.
In the meantime my good friend Anna returned from Norway with treats!
She brought me back some speciality cheese, and a gorgeous neon glitzy necklace.
We made plans to grab some food and catch-up, so we went to a great Turkish restaurant in Islington.
I wore my new boots (spent with my birthday gift card from Sami), which are so cute and comfy.
I also joined Vine this week! You can follow me on: bloomzy
My new business cards for the blog arrived too, featuring my Tatty Devine name necklace.
Then finally this past weekend I popped down to Shoreditch to do a bit of shopping.
I bought a Uniqlo x Keith Haring t-shirt that called to me as soon as I stepped into the pop-up.
I also indulged in some okonomiyaki along Brick Lane – the place for street food!
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Review: Flash.ON Nails

Flash.ON Nails with Frida Kahlo Print*

Flash.ON Nails is a new, exciting brand on the block.
What’s it all about? It’s an innovative new way to style your nails!
Images or designs are printed onto false or natural nails using machines.
This original concept is a great way to express yourself through your nails.
When I was contacted by them I knew exactly who I wanted on my nails.
It was shortly after my ‘Celebrating Women’ post, so of course I went for for my idol; Frida Kahlo.
I knew that I wanted the picture I sent to be bright and colourful, and prominently feature Frida.
I just can’t get over how well they came out. The image transferred brilliantly and was exactly what I wanted.
To be honest I’m a little scared to wear them as I haven’t worn false (glue-on) nails for a long time.
That said, I really really want to wear them and show off the fabulous image.
It can be pretty tough being so indecisive sometimes.
When ordering you receive nail glue and a top coat along with your nails, so the design lasts longer.
You can choose a design from the range or have a custom image put on your nails for a little bit extra.

I was also impressed that you receive 20 nails, which is great for those who lose or break nails easily.
You can order your Flash.ON Nails online here.
Prices start at £7.95 a set.

Photo Diary: Neon, Nails… & Cake

Last week I caught the nasty stomach bug that’s been going around.
So when the weekend came I was pretty excited to go out and enjoy myself.
I didn’t go too crazy as I was still feeling a bit gross, but I did indulge a little bit.
I stopped by both Fika and Kahaila, two amazing foodie gems right on Brick Lane.
I also popped up to Tatty Devine to order my first name necklace.
I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can show you all!
As for loves right now, I’ve hopped on the neon bandwagon.
It’s bright, it makes me happy, and I’ve covered myself in it.
I’ve even added a few neon pieces to my home decor.
I also did a bit of nail art last week, which I’ll be posting tutorials for soon.
Unfortunately that lead to me organising my nail polish collection, something I’ve needed to do for a while. 
It meant saying goodbye to old polishes, but also welcoming new ones that had started popping up on my dresser.
The polishes have been reproducing by themselves, honest.
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