Results: Escentual Micellar Water Trial

Remember the Micellar Water Blind Trial I did for Escentual?
(If you don’t remember it you can view it here)
Well 100 Bloggers voted and the results are in, and I was very surprised at the final scores.
It’s obvious by the results that what worked for me, didn’t necessarily work for others.
I think this trial is the perfect example of how everyone’s skin is different.
My favourite? Dior’s Micellar Water.
My least favourite? La Roche-Posay.
It’s funny how my favourite was in the bottom 3, and my least favourite was in the top 3.
Straightaway after using Sample A I knew that it had to be Dior, don’t ask me how.
Maybe it’s because I have expensive taste, or I could feel the quality?
Which would I buy again? Dior and Caudalie.
I loved the trial and it has helped me discover some great products.
Micellar Water is my thing so I’ll definitely be investing in some of these in the future.

Escentual Micellar Water Trial

The Escentual Micellar Water Trial*

On Saturday I found out that I had been lucky enough to be chosen for the Escentual Micellar Water Trial.
I was chosen amongst 99 other beauty addicts (i.e. bloggers, vloggers etc.) to try out 7 secret samples. These 7 samples, labelled A-G are all well-known/high-end brand Micellar Water’s, but whilst we know which brands will be taking part, we don’t know which sample belongs to which brand. It’s a beauty addict’s dream come true.

The waters on trial are:
I’m a Micellar Water convert and have been using it as a part of my daily skincare routine for over a year now.
I stick to Avène’s Cleanser & Make-up Remover, which is actually one of the samples on trial. However, even though I have stock of it, I’ve been curious about other brands, so I’m excited to give all of these a try and give my opinion on each. We have only 14 days to trial all 7 samples, which logically allocates 2 days per sample. I will be keeping track of each sample and writing up a review for the blog in 2 weeks time, when the trial has ended. I may even have a guess at which sample belongs to which brand – although I’ll probably fail miserably, but it will be fun to see if I can get any right.