How I Fight My Eczema – Eczema Remedies

I suffered from eczema a lot as a child. 
It would often cause me a lot of pain and discomfort, and I would usually bleed due to the severity of it. I remember my parents trying all sorts of remedies to get rid of it, but nothing really worked, until one day…it just disappeared. 
I had pretty much forgotten about it until September 2011, when I saw my eczema return, with a vengeance. I had returned from my holiday to Provence and suddenly my whole stomach, leg and breast area was covered in dry, sore, itchy spots. I visited the doctor and they confirmed it was eczema. I was given an emollient cream to help, but it didn’t work. I was then given a steroid cream that I could only use for 2 weeks. My eczema disappeared…then it came back a week or so later. The doctor didn’t know what to do and told me to relax (as it can be caused by stress) and continue using a moisturiser and the original cream. I would have a shower and then look down at my body and burst into tears. I felt embarrassed and grossed out by my own skin. My fiancé tried to console me time after time but it had worn me down. I’d had enough. None of the medications worked well enough to solve the problem so I decided to try out something a little more natural and sensitive. Surprisingly they worked a lot better and even got rid of most of my eczema.
My eczema remedies are:

Korres’s Fig Showergel (90.4% natural content) & Fig Body Butter (93.5% natural content).
These products have been my saviour and I 100% believe they are the reason for the eczema on my stomach, legs and breasts disappearing. I had heard from a friend that these were great at combatting eczema and even psoriasis! She wasn’t wrong because I now use these daily to help keep my skin hydrated and to combat my eczema. I first used these until I ran out, then my eczema came back and Anna bought me some more. Now it’s slowly going away again. 
I swear by these products.

You all know I am a big Avène fan and use it in my daily skincare routine. Well when my eczema started appearing on my face for the first time I didn’t know what to do. It actually coincided with my trip to Chamonix, so I figured that since I was in France I’d try out a cream by one of my favourite French skincare brands – since they recommend it for those with eczema. I used it for a week on my face, and by the end of my holiday my eczema had cleared up. This is free of parabens, fragrance and colouring agents – and they’ve used as few ingredients as possible, making it perfect for sensitive skin. 
This is now my daily moisturiser for face & neck.

Eczema can be a very uncomfortable, painful and sometimes embarrassing illness.
I don’t want anyone else to suffer so I’m hoping these remedies might help others also.
Let me know your own personal remedies in the comments!

Review: Birchbox February Box

February’s ‘London Fashion Week’ Birchbox*

Yesterday I received February’s Birchbox through the post.
I’ve found that with some beauty box brands the anticipation is better than the outcome.
However that was certainly not the case with this month’s London Fashion Week themed Birchbox.
As soon as I opened it I was genuinely happy, and quite excited about the products featured. 
What did I receive in my Birchbox?

Korres – Guava Shower Gel
I love Korres – they are a great natural brand with amazing scented products.
I know I will get good use out of the shower gel when I go away on holiday in March.
Nick Chavez Plump N’Thick Thickening Mist
A leave-in product to use on towel-dried hair.
I am always after thicker hair, so I’m very excited about trying this one out.
Vichy Thermal Spa Water
A limited edition item – ohhhh.
You guys know I’m a little obsessed with eau thermal sprays.
I have one by Evian, one by Caudalie and two by Avene – so this is the latest edition.
I’m glad to see a brand I don’t know doing a product I love, and in travel size, which I don’t have!
I’ll be popping this in my handbag and trying it out asap.
Birchbox Eyelash Curler
It was about time I got a new eyelash curler.
I invested in a heated curler a while ago, but not a new ‘regular’ curler.
I know I’ll use this everyday, so it definitely seems like a nice little extra.

Gerda Spillmann – Bio Fond Cream Foundation
The only item in the box that I know I won’t use.
I’m ok with that though as it’s purely based on the shade of the product.
I find it hard enough to get a product to suit my skin tone on the high street, so…
EBoost Energy Booster
When I met with one of Birchbox’s founders; Katia Beauchamp she mentioned ‘lifestyle extras’.
She wanted to add something extra to the box to make it stand out, as your lifestyle is a big part of you.
I liked that idea and it might have been a bit odd to see an energy boost drink, but it was different.
The reason I was so pleased with this month’s box was because it matched me & my lifestyle perfectly!
I was very happy and for £10 (plus p&p) I would have gladly purchased it myself!
If you want to subscribe to Birchbox, or just purchase this month’s box, click here.
You can also buy any of these products on Birchbox’s online store here.