Review: Elle Macpherson The Body Nail Wraps

Elle Macpherson The Body Nail Wraps by Homedics*

Nail wraps are nothing new but recently I’ve seen a sudden resurgence.
I’m not surprised as they’re an ‘easy’ and simple way to get a great nail look.
I decided to test out a new range of wraps by Elle Macpherson for Homedics.
Poorly Applied wraps

+ Great effect
+ Easy to remove
+ Lasts longer than polish
+ Love the gold & silver options
+ Wraps come with a variety of sizes

– Difficult to apply perfectly
– Not keen on the pink wraps

I knew straightaway that I would have trouble applying these.
I’m not the best with nail wraps and these weren’t any different to others I’d used.
I loved the final look of the wraps and that they came in a variety of sizes (and with a free nail file to help apply them), but I found it difficult to get a perfect crease-free application. I did manage to do it on my first application on my little finger, but didn’t seem to have much luck with the remaining ones. One of the tips given in the instructions is to use a hair dryer to help sort out the creases after you have first applied them. I didn’t have time to try this but I think I will next time, as I imagine it would help. The gold and silver wraps are gorgeous and look amazing on – robot chic, anyone? The glittery pink isn’t for me though. I need more practise with these but overall I was quite happy with them.
You can purchase Elle Macpherson’s nail wraps at Homedics for £9.99 each