This month’s issue of JELLY featured the current items their style team and readers are trying to get their hands on. Fancy a peek?

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1, 2, 3
  1. Chiffon Tunics
  2. Border Tops
  3. Crochet Tops
  1. Laguna Moon, Duras, LOVE BOAT
  2. Barak, Cecil McBee, Titty&Co
  3. Cecil McBee, BACKS, Lip Service
Which Trends?
  1. French Mix, Casual
  2. Retro Marine, Resort Casual
  3. Ethnic, Blogger

 4, 5, 6
  1. American Flag Print Tops
  2. Lace Tops
  3. Loose Knits
  1. Barak, muse muse by Royal Party, Gimlet
  2. Laguna MoonDuras, Dazzlin
Which Trends?
  1. American Casual, Rock
  2. Mexican Mix, Mode
  3. Simple Casual, Vintage

Cropped Tops  
Something which is popular every Summer, with all trends. JELLY show how to coordinate it with a simple black maxi, but the options are endless.
Cinched waist tops & dresses

A cute coordinate for most casual Summer looks. JELLY suggest mini-rompers but you’ll find plenty of dresses and tops in most stores sporting the same look.
– Mitsu mentions the crochet trend in one of her latest posts.
– Hana of Hanalovely tells us about Barak and her reasons for loving the brand.

Current Faves….

Eurgh, technology and I are not cooperating well today. I figured I’d do a long awaited ‘April Gets’ but I forgot my camera lead. Then I thought of maybe talking about some current trends in the latest issues of JELLY & Happie Nuts but my laptop charger broke, and now all the USB ports are messing up DDD:
I have a feeling that it’s karma for leaving you guys waiting so long. Sorry!!
So instead I’m going to do a short but sweet post on some of my current favourite items this season.
Reminiscent of last seasons WC sandals, and keeping with the open-toe boot trend.
I love these boots, especially in white. They’d be perfect for the current MODE trend.
This t-shirt is also perfect for the MODE look.
H&M have a very similar one in-store now.
I haven’t really been feeling WC lately, but I do love the Kumatan scarf.
Perfect for the current scarf trend, whether you wear it in your hair,
around your neck or as an accessory on your bag.
This 5 item set from the GLAD NEWS Rakuten store is a bargain.
For around £39 you can get an entire Summer outfit.
Including; maxi dress, cropped tee, bag, flip-flops and a hat.
I really like the mix of denim and floral in this, surprise, surprise ;D
You can find some similar items on YesStyle.
Want everyone to know how much you love this seasons MODE trend?
Then this simple but chic tee is for you ;D
And finally, this ethnic onepiece by GIMLET.
I just love the pattern and overall look.
Ethnic has hit the UK highstreet too, so keep an eye out for similar pieces.
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Where are they now?

I decided to do a new set of posts, featuring past Gal idols etc.
I thought it would be nice to offer some past insight on Gal, and also keep up to date with old favourites. So say ‘hello’ to…
「Where are they now?」
Who: Hiromi Endo (遠藤裕美)
Then: Hiromi began modelling for EGG around 2002. She started off with blonde hair, following a toned down version of the popular Yamanba style – Later on she dyed her hair black. During her time at EGG her popularity rose, and it was almost impossible to open an issue of EGG without a Hiromi feature – she was also the face of Lip Service. She was the ‘Tsubasa’ of the time.
During her final days in EGG she started showing off blonde hair again, and paler skin. From Yamanba, to B-Gal, to Ganjiro – she always carried the looks off well.
Hiromi was also my personal favourite at the time, as she was always showcasing the latest trends, and she always managed to transcend styles. I was sad when she left, especially since there was no real ‘graduation’ like the Gal’s have these days. She just kind of disappeared…
Now: After leaving EGG, Hiromi went on to become a designer for popular Gal brand Lip Service – a brand which she had been the face of only a short time before. She is currently the producer of new 109 store GIMLET. She isn’t modelling for the brand, unlike a lot of ex-model’s-come-producers, instead she is taking more of a backstage approach. She constantly updates her blog about the brand’s progress and genuinely seems happy. The chosen models for the brand are Maria and Maya Mori, two very popular and current models. It seems like Hiromi is making good decisions when it comes to the advertising of the brand, but only time will tell how popular GIMLET will be.
P.s. She is now rocking blonde AND black hair…guess she couldn’t decide which to stick with this time haha.
In her latest blog entries: She mentions that she is heading to Nagoya, for the opening of the new GIMLET store in the Maruei department store. She also mentions that she has her model’s sporting nude make-up…something which she wasn’t seen without in her modelling days.
I hate to admit it, but she’s not the Hiromi she used to be. She was always skinny but now she seems ridiculously tiny, which has led to her looking a lot older than she actually is (27). It also seems that she doesn’t carry the strength that she used to…no one seems to be particularly raving about GIMLET, apart from the models (obligation) and Hiromi herself.
Were you a Hiromi fan?
Which model would you like to see in the next ‘Where are they now?’
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