My 2014 Style Evolution

March – Floral Fancy

June – I Feel Blue

August – Countryside Chic
September – Pattern Practise
November – Autumnal Bliss

December – Norfolk Girl

This year saw my style change quite dramatically. Back in April I did a large overhaul of my wardrobe. I got rid of all the items I’d never worn, or only worn once. I focused on creating a collection of quality basics (and the odd rogue dramatic piece) that would be worn again and again. I decided to stop buying lots of cheaper “on-trend” items, and instead focused on higher end timeless pieces. That meant I could finally justify (and afford) my dream coat from Sandro. Gone are the loud, bright outfits from the beginning of the year. Instead they have been replaced with a more minimalistic, monochrome affair…with a dash of colour.
I hope to continue refining my style in 2015 – working with the same mindset.
Will I keep up with it? I guess only time will tell.

OOTD: Daisy, Daisy…

Shirt – Primark | Shorts* – Warehouse | Shoes* – Oasap | Necklace – Tatty Devine | Tote – Beyond Retro

You know when you buy an item and end up wearing it the day after? Yeah that, with this shirt. I didn’t have the patience to wait to wear it. Luckily the weather was amazing this weekend so I didn’t need to.
I realise I went a bit floral with the shirt and trainers, but hopefully it’s not ott. The shirt I picked up in Primark as I just loved the casual cut and the cute print. The trainers are from Oasap and just seemed like a fun way to wear comfy shoes. I hate being stuck in uncomfortable shoes, but I still want to look good. It’s a conundrum! I really wanted the pastel blue version but they’d sold out in my size. It wasn’t meant to be. Frida? Well she just seemed to fit in with the vibe of the whole outfit so I added her too.
Don’t forget you can get 20% off with code ‘bloomzy’ when you visit Oasap!

OOTD: Neon Nightmare

Shirt* – Chicnova | Trousers – Republic | Necklace – Tatty Devine | Watch – Marc Jacobs | Cuff – Whistles

First off I would just like to apologise for how sporadic my posts have been lately. I’ve been going through a few things personally and haven’t had the mental or physical energy. I’m still dedicated to this blog, so don’t worry I won’t be giving it up. I just need a little rest now & then.

This weekend I met with Anna for brunch and a shopping trip – just what I needed to take my mind of things. I wanted to brighten myself up as the weather was so lovely and well, it’s just felt nice to do so. I put on my leggings, which are basically non-high-waisted disco pants, and my fluorescent shirt from Chicnova. Now when I say fluorescent I mean neon, radioactive green – I love it to pieces, apart from how easily it creases. I decided to pair it with my Frida necklace – hoping to mystically channel some of Frida’s strength. You know, I think it may have even worked a little bit.
Do you have a role model that you look to when you need to be stronger?

My New Tatty Devine, Frida Kahlo Necklace!

The moment the new large Frida was added to the Tatty Devine classic collection, I knew it had to be mine. I was raving about it on Twitter for days, and was constantly bugging the lovely (and patient) Tatty Devine staff as to when it would be in their Brick Lane store – my local store. Finally, on Friday, they tweeted me with some very exciting news!
So on my usual Sunday stroll down Brick Lane, I knew where my first stop would be.
I had a lovely chat with Charlotte, who knew exactly why I was there, before I tried Frida on.
It was love at first sight! Everything about the necklace was just as I had hoped for.
I was a little afraid it would be too big for me (as I’m such a shorty), but it was perfectly sized.
The original smaller necklace was also on leather, but was thinner and only featured two adornments.
Whereas this new larger version is thicker and has plenty of gems, flowers and sparkles.
I am so in love with this necklace, Tatty Devine have outdone themselves…as usual!
I was a bit wary of the price tag, but this is completely worth it, as are all their statement pieces.
This isn’t just a piece of jewellery, this is an investment and the latest addition to my ever growing Tatty Devine collection.
You can purchase your own Frida here, or browse the new Classic Collection here.

Review: Flash.ON Nails

Flash.ON Nails with Frida Kahlo Print*

Flash.ON Nails is a new, exciting brand on the block.
What’s it all about? It’s an innovative new way to style your nails!
Images or designs are printed onto false or natural nails using machines.
This original concept is a great way to express yourself through your nails.
When I was contacted by them I knew exactly who I wanted on my nails.
It was shortly after my ‘Celebrating Women’ post, so of course I went for for my idol; Frida Kahlo.
I knew that I wanted the picture I sent to be bright and colourful, and prominently feature Frida.
I just can’t get over how well they came out. The image transferred brilliantly and was exactly what I wanted.
To be honest I’m a little scared to wear them as I haven’t worn false (glue-on) nails for a long time.
That said, I really really want to wear them and show off the fabulous image.
It can be pretty tough being so indecisive sometimes.
When ordering you receive nail glue and a top coat along with your nails, so the design lasts longer.
You can choose a design from the range or have a custom image put on your nails for a little bit extra.

I was also impressed that you receive 20 nails, which is great for those who lose or break nails easily.
You can order your Flash.ON Nails online here.
Prices start at £7.95 a set.

Celebrating Women: My Idol, Frida Kahlo

This may be a tad late, but in celebration of International Women’s Day I wanted to do a special post.
Of course IWD was all about celebrating women, so I decided that I wanted to celebrate one woman in particular.
A lot of you may already know this as I often tweet/tumblr about it, but my idol is Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.
Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was a Mexican painter who is well known worldwide for her self-portraits.
Described as surrealist, her work heavily features artefacts of her personal struggles, life in Mexico & Mexican culture.
Frida had a troubled life as she suffered from several health problems, most of which stem from a bus accident she was in as a teenager. She later went on to marry Diego Rivera, a man whom she loved deeply, but unfortunately their marriage was not stable. Diego and the affairs that occurred between the two of them are also heavily featured in her art. 
To me, Frida and her work are exceptionally beautiful.
Her paintings show the physical and psychological wounds she suffered from.
Not only that but they represent how proud she was to be a Mexican woman living through the revolution.
Even though her art is bright, bold and wonderful that isn’t the only reason she has become my idol.
She suffered greatly through her life; miscarriages, health issues, marital difficulties and yet she still remained a strong woman. She provoked what was mainstream and often discussed taboo subjects. Even though her art didn’t truly become popular until the 1980s, she was a representative of Mexico and feminists worldwide. I respect her for the decisions she made during her life, and the way she handled love and lose. 
For me, Frida is a role model; someone to admire and learn from.
If you’re interested in finding out more about Frida Kahlo I would recommend the movie ‘Frida‘.
Or the biography, which the film is based on: Frida: The Biography of Frida Kahlo.
Did you celebrate International Women’s Day?
Who is your idol?
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