Avène Personalised Skincare Routine

Avèn3 Extremely Gentle Cleanser*, Eau Thermale Water Spray, Rich Skin Recovery Cream

It’s no secret that Avène are my favourite skincare brand.
They know how to look after sensitive skin, so they’re perfect for me.
I always stock up on Avène products in France, or Boots if I run out when I’m in the UK.
So when I signed up to the Avène website I was interested to see a personalised skincare routine.
The brand have decided to help those out who aren’t sure what products of theirs to use.
I decided to give it a go to see if they could recommend anything I hadn’t used before.
Using their Skin Diagnosis I filled out everything that applied to me and my skin.
I choose the ‘fair skin’ option and filled in the rest as follows:
As you can see they recommended me the three products I have above:
My skin has not felt anywhere near as irritated as it was before I started using these together.
It stopped a blemish I felt that was on it’s way, and it has also cleared up my skin and left it fresh.
I really love that the site also tells you how to use these products and what they’re good for.
If you’re new to Avène or just want some help with your skincare routine this is for you.
They even sent me some samples of 2 of the products in my diagnosis after I signed up.
I don’t know if this is the same every time but I imagine they send them to everyone.
It’s handy for those who don’t want to invest in products without trying them first.
Find out your own personalised skin diagnosis here.
You can buy Avène products in Boots stores nationwide, and on Boots.com

French Pharmacy Haul: Avène, Nuxe, Caudalie & La Roche-Posay

I think it’s safe to say I went a little crazy.
French pharmacies are my version of a toy store.
Once I’m let loose in them, you’re not getting me back for a while.
This holiday I think I outdid myself, this is probably my biggest haul so far.
I bought products I’ve tried before and adore, and new ones that I’d heard good things about.
I’m sure you know all of these but just incase let me introduce you to the brands & products I bought:

La Roche-Posay

The beauty of French pharmacies is that they have full collections.
It can be difficult to find French beauty products in the UK for a decent price.
For those who are interested in trying them out for themselves, I have included links.
It might seem like I’ve bought far too many products to try out, but trust me, you’ll be seeing reviews.

Review: Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lipbalm
It was my good friend Alanna who convinced me to buy Nuxe’s Rêve de Miel.
I had been umm-ing and ahh-ing and finally after chatting with her, I was convinced.
I was after a lip balm to help keep my lips from drying, especially as I wear lipstick everyday.
You know, something to help combat those annoying bits of dry skin you bite off (I know I shouldn’t).
Was Nuxe the brand that could help me do that?
+ Smells divine
+ Stops my lips drying out
+ A little goes a long way
+ I love the packaging and glass pot
– Expensive
At £9.50 it’s safe to say this is the most expensive lip balm I’ve bought.
I thought about it for a long time but decided to take the plunge as I’d heard wonderful things.
This lip balm is super concentrated (if that makes sense), and is much more substantial than others I’ve tried, and smells absolutely amazing! As I mentioned above, a little bit on my fingertip helps hydrate all of my lips and makes them feel lovely. I’ve only been popping some on in the morning and evening (unless needed during the day) and I love it already. My lips are much more nourished now and they don’t feel dry at all. It also helped me out when I had chapped lips recently – gone in a matter of days! As for lipstick drying out my lips (yep, even high-end brands such as Chanel dry mine out), Rêve de Miel has definitely helped combat that. In the last week I haven’t found myself feeling as if my lips were dry or that I needed to bite at dry skin, and that’s coming from someone who wears lipstick everyday. My lips are softer and more hydrated. This is definitely an investment lip balm and worth saving the pennies for if you happen to suffer from dry/chapped lips, or just think yours could do with a pick me up.
You can buy Nuxe Rêve de Miel in Space NK stores, or online here.

Review: L’Occitane Hydration Cream

L’Occitane Creme Radieuse Hydration Cream*
It seemed that my search for a moisturiser fit for using on my face was forever ongoing.
That was until I found this little gem – the L’Occitane Creme Radieuse Hydration Cream.
I received this sample size in a Birchbox last November and wasn’t sure what to think of it.
In fact, I was pretty convinced that I would never use it, in fear that it would make my skin breakout.
I have combination skin that is too dry for certain products and breaks out with other rich ones.
That in a nutshell is why I don’t like to use a lot of facial moisturisers as part of my routine.
So I was delighted when I took a chance and started using this.
+ Not too rich
+ Smells lovely
+ Works well as a primer
+ Moisturising & Hydrating
+ Only a tiny amount is needed
– Scent isn’t for everyone
– May not be rich enough for some skin types
Ok, I think you can see that I was stretching with the cons there.
Personally I have no cons for this product, but I tried to think of others.
I’m just happy to finally find a moisturiser that is moisturising enough and not too rich.
The sample size of this is perfect, as I only need to apply a little every morning and evening.
The full size is a little pricey at £30 and honestly I don’t think I’d be able to use it all before it goes out of date. That said, L’Occitane also feature the sample size in a travel set with the cleanser & toner, so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that when I run out of this one.
You can purchase the full size version online here.
Or you can find the travel kit in L’Occitane stores.

Review: Joliebox

When I attended the Birchbox champagne afternoon tea event last week I was gifted with a Joliebox.
If you didn’t see that post then you might be confused, but this is because Birchbox have taken over Joliebox.
If I remember correctly the box wasn’t a particular month, it was a mixture of products & previous month’s boxes.
The box contained samples from previous boxes and new items, such as:
– RMK Cleansing Balm –
– L’Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream –
– Dr Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap Pillows –
– Redken Protective Straightening Lotion –
This box was a great way to introduce someone to some of the wonderful brands that Joliebox has worked with.
It also shows you an example of what you might receive in a box; beauty, skincare, hair & lifestyle products, travel essentials, and even full size samples. Birchbox allows you to create a personal profile which your samples will be based on – which is a great feature, I hope they keep it when the takeover happens in January. The magazine is something which is unique to Joliebox and is very popular with a lot of subscribers, so it was nice to receive one with my box.
Joliebox will soon become Birchbox, and is a monthly beauty box service.
For £10 (plus postage) a month you will recieve 4-5 beauty samples to your door.
You can sign up and subscribe here.

Review: Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

Remember when I visited France this Summer and picked up some facial sprays?
Well here is my first review of the bunch – Evian’s Brumisateur Facial Spray.
What is it?
A moisturising and toning facial spray to be used throughtout the day, or in your daily skincare routine.
You can spray it throughout the day if you feel your skin needs a pick-up, or if you need to cool down.
What can it do?
Evian claims that their facial spray will hydrate, moisturise, refresh and even tone your skin.
It also claims that it will help hold your make-up – just spray your face gently with the product after application.
Does it work?
I think that a lot of people just see this as water in a can.
Well I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but after using it I don’t think it is that simple.
I can be quite lazy in my skincare routine, so I will grab any cheat I can get. So naturally the idea of a spray that does the work of a toner and moisturiser, as well as holds my make-up appealed to me. Was I let down by the product? Not at all! Sometimes my skin can feel a bit raw or dry (not in a scary way) after I’ve washed/exfoliated, and a quick spray of this automatically helps ease my skin so that it feels normal again. I also agree that it can help hold your make-up although you need to be careful not to spray until after everything has dried (mascara, eyeliner etc.), or you might end up with a smudgy face. It works great as a toner, and it certainly helps moisturise. It’s also very gentle on the skin, so no chance of breakouts or dry patches.
The Evian facial spray is perfect to carry in your handbag, use as part of your routine, or just to take on holiday.
You can buy it in selected branches of Waitrose or online here.

Event: Avène & Klorane Bloggers Breakfast

Avène and Klorane Bloggers Breakfast

When I was invited to the Avène and Klorane Bloggers Breakfast I was so excited. I fell in love with Klorane’s dry shampoo earlier this year, and I am a big fan of pretty much all of Avène’s products. The breakfast was held at the gorgeous Delaunay Grand European Cafe Restaurant, in Aldwych – by Covent Garden. The breakfast itself was delicious and there were plenty of yummy treats to choose between, although the mini-pastries were my favourite – I think Sascha of Beauty Geek UK agreed with me on that too. However, the stars of the show were of course, the array of products by Klorane and Avène.

I was introduced to Klorane’s shampoo and conditioners, as well as being given some advice on which product would be best suited for my hair/needs. For me it was Pomegranate (for coloured hair). Also on show were 3 shampoos that will be released early next year into John Lewis stores – more on that at a later date. If you haven’t come across Klorane’s shampoo & conditioners before, they have them for every kind of hair type, and they all smell gorgeous!

I like to think I know my Avène products, just because I’m such a fan…and because I’ve bought so many. I was wrong though, which was actually a nice surprise as I was introduced to some new products I didn’t know about. In particular the Antirougeurs range caught my eye as it offers a variety of products to help combat skin redness. I hadn’t heard of the range, or seen it in any French pharmacies so I was very interested in finding out more. I’m hoping I can get my hands on some soon to review for you all!

You can find my previous posts on Klorane here, and Avène here.